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August 05
Parent Page

Information for parents on Growth Mindsets


August 05
French Websites

Numbers 1-100



Vocabulary Games by Unit


June 18
Final Note to HS English

If you want your folder from English, please be sure to grab it on the last day of school.

Have a great summer! :)

June 07
Butterfly Life Cycle in Primary

teacher page butterfly cage.JPG

June 07
Grade 1 Students Jump for the Joy of it!

teacher page jumpers.JPG

June 04
High School English - End of Year Reminders

​Just a reminder that 3P Conferences are this week!

Please make sure to sign up for your conference time on the side board in class. 

You need to complete and bring your conference preparation sheets with you, as well as your portfolio of work to defend and justify your self-assessed grade. 

You need to make sure that you have handed in all three of your product pieces (writing and representing, reading and viewing, and speaking and listening) for evaluation by Friday.


Practice 40% (formative assessment pieces done in class)

Progress 30% (as defended in your conference)

Products 30% (one for each strand, graded by the teacher)

May 31
Self-proclaimed Silly Salamanders

silly salamanders.PNG

May 31
7/8 Exploring Properties of Minerals

exporing rocks.PNG

May 31
Lettuce Harvest and DISH Lunch


May 30
Visual Arts Final Exam/ Exit Project

For your exit project you must have at least 2 different mediums ( canvas, paint, clay, paper, crayons, ​etc) and 3 elements of design also (Shape, color,lines, texture, etc)

You are to combine everything to create a peice of art work that is unique to you. You have total freedom with this... I want to see your creativitly come alive.


Due June 15th by 10:50 am

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