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January 12
Mme S-A (Sollows-Astle)
6H Homeroom:
Please take gym clothes home for washing every Friday.
Please do homework and then get agenda signed each night. 
Test: LUNDI - Prince puissant
We finished an article on Saudi Arabia. We will have a quiz on Monday. It is multiple choice and true or false. Students had a chance to study and discuss during class time and we did some questions on it as well.
New items start again next week.  There is a great deal of news.  Students are asked to look around for news items for a different country and continent than their last one. 
 Extra help available: Day 3 at Options
6I & 6J :
Students are presenting their projects and working on communicating orally about winter. They are also reading about winter.  There will be testing in the next few weeks.
January 11
Mme Brittain - Thursday, January 10th

​6F Homeroom:

  • Please have a look at the SPARK catalogue on our main page. We will be making our selections Monday.

6F & 6H Math - You have a decimals quiz on Tuesday, January 16th. Please review the practice quiz we did in class. Below is an electronic version.

Practice Quiz: Practice Quiz 2014.pdfPractice Quiz 2014.pdf

6I Social Studies - You have a mutliple choice quiz on religious celebrations on Tuesday, January 16th. We will continue to prepare for this quiz tomorrow in class.

December 19
Mme Brittain - Tuesday, December 19th

6F Homeroom:

  • Please have your communication folder signed for Thursday.
  • You have phys ed tomorrow.

6F Sciences - If you haven't handed in your last lab report, please do so before the holiday.

6G Math - ​Continue studying last week's practice test for Thursday's test! Practice Unit Test (2013).pdfPractice Unit Test (2013).pdf

December 04
Mme Brittain - Monday, December 4th

​6F Homeroom:

  • Remember that permission slips and $10 for our visit to the Playhouse must be in by Thursday.
  • Our Liberty Lane fundraiser runs until December 18th. We are collecting paper products.

6F & 6H Math - Your math test is this Wednesday. Please review your practice test, or try it again! Practice test: Practice Unit Test (2013).pdfPractice Unit Test (2013).pdf

6F Sciences - Your arthropod mini-project is due December 18th.

6I Social Studies - Your poster are due Wednesday. My room will be open at Options tomorrow if you would like to work during that time.

November 29
Mme Brittain -  Wednesday, November 29th

6F Homeroom:

  • Please have your tracking sheet signed for tomorrow,
  • Please bring in $10 for our Playhouse visit by December 7th.

6F & 6H Math - You have a test on Wednesday, December 6th. Please study your practice test. I've attached an electronic version below.

Practice Test: Practice Unit Test (2013).pdfPractice Unit Test (2013).pdf

6G Math - Your order of operations assignment is due this Friday.

November 22
Mme S-A (Sollows-Astle)

6H Homeroom:

Parent-Teacher: Nov 23 & 24th

Rafikis on sale next week.

Please take gym clothes home for washing every Friday.
Please do homework and then get agenda signed each night. 
Map Mini-project: Students are to make up a rough draft map of their neighbourhood. They will be working on good copies next week in class.  They have prepared a list of what makes up their neighbourhood, including trails and streams for those of us who live in the woods. Clouds, rocks and flowers do not count, but a garden does, especially if it is a substantial size. They are to go on Google Maps to look at their own place and indicate on their sketch where north is. They should make NORTH at the top of the page and draw the map accordingly.
All of the students are looking for news items on different continents. They have a hand-out which explains this activity. A news item (actualité) has to be recent, within the last 2 weeks. We have 12 assigned at a time with 3 presentation of 4 students per week. Those who do not yet have a continent will be assigned one by the end of next week for the following week. We want to avoid repeat news items, so they have to listen carefully to the presentations of their classmates.
 Extra help available: Day 3 at Options
Students are working on their own daily routine. They are making a schedule of a typical school day. They will be presenting this orally in class soon along with a few more things as we develop the project.  Stay tuned. More to follow.
We are also working on classroom vocabulary, the seasons and weather and doing some reading together.
There is a website with free educational games I use in class and if students would like to use it:
Search: logiciel éducatif on Google and it will pop up.

November 21
Mme Brittain - Tuesday, November 21st

​6F Homeroom:

  • Please have your tracking sheet signed for Thursday.
  • Please return your reflection/goal sheet, signed, and your report card envelope.
  • If you haven't yet paid $10 for our trip to the Playhouse, please do so by December 7th.

6F Sciences - Select an arthropod for your mini-project. We will start researching tomorrow in class.

November 17
Mme Brittain - Friday, November 17th

6F Math - Your assignment Les translations et les nombres négatifs is due Monday.

6F Sciences - Give some thought to what arthropod you would like to research for your upcoming mini-project. ​

November 09
Mme Brittain - Thursday, November 9th

6G Maths - Your quiz will be Thursday, November 16th. Below I've attached an electronic version of the pratice we did in class as well as your number reference sheet.

Practice Quiz: Practice Quiz - Les grands nombres.pdfPractice Quiz - Les grands nombres.pdf

Number Resource: Les numeros.pdfLes numeros.pdf

6F & 6H Maths - If you would like to complete the bonus assignment, it is linked below.

Bonus: Bonus Assignment - Les grands nombres, les multiples et les factuers.pdfBonus Assignment - Les grands nombres, les multiples et les factuers.pdf

November 03
Mme Brittain - Friday, November 3rd

6G Maths - Your project 20 000 000$ is due November 9th. I've attached the project outline, along with sample catalogues and calculations below. 

Project Outline: Project Outline - 20 000 000$.pdfProject Outline - 20 000 000$.pdf

​Gifts: Gifts.pdfGifts.pdf

Sample Catalogue: Sample Catalogue.pdfSample Catalogue.pdf

Sample Calculations: Sample analyse.pdfSample analyse.pdf​

6F Maths - Your order of operations assignement Monday, November 6th.

Order of operations assignment Order of operations (early).pdfOrder of operations (early).pdf

6F Scicenes - Your Paper Towel Lab is due Wednesday, November 8th. 

6I Social Studies - Please make the necessary spelling corrections to your geography quiz and hand it in. There will be a retake on Tuesday at lunch options. 

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