​Hello and welcome to Leo Hayes High School.

I am Kendra Frizzell, your new Principal.  I am thrilled to begin the new school year at LHHS, and look forward to meeting all the students, parents, and community members.

I understand and can appreciate the anticipation and eagerness that accompanies new leadership in any organization.  I know that change can provoke both excitement and anxiety and that is why I have been working hard these past few weeks learning about our school and all of its stakeholders.  I eagerly anticipate getting to know the LHHS community, and learning about your hopes and dreams for our school. 

I believe that genuine collaboration fosters ownership of a rich school culture.  Supporting students to do well at school, and in their lives, is the center of our work.  I am honored to have been selected to serve this community, and will work hard to gain your trust and respect as Leo Hayes High School 's principal.

Leo Hayes High School is known for being an inclusive community of learners committed to building relationships, valuing wellness, and igniting curiosity in our students.  We will continue to maintain a strong focus of meeting the needs of all our students in a respectful and caring way.  This is our core purpose as a caring and compassionate school, and it is reflected through our dedicated staff who work with our students and families every day of the year.