Nackawic Elementary School  

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K, 1-5

French Immersion

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Nackawic Elementary School

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110 McNair Drive
Nackawic, New Brunswick
E6G 1A8
Business: 575-6000
Facsimile: 575-6001

Graham, Larry

Fox, Michelle

School District:
Anglophone West School District (ASD-W)


 Administrators' Message

Welcome to the website for Nackawic Elementary School. Our school is located in Nackawic which is situated along the scenic Saint John River Valley and is home to the World's Largest Axe.   Our school is made up of approximately 200 K-5 students and about 30 staff members.
There are a variety of programs offered at our school that are inclusive in nature and are focused on student learning.  We also are proud to include many extracurricular opportunities for students such as: student council, drama, choir, chess, peer mediators, cheerleading, student led clubs, cross country running, after school basketball and several enrichment focused activities throughout the year.
Our Home and School and PSSC meet regularly. The parent groups are committed to providing a quality education to the students of NES and welcomes parent input.

We will continue to post important information on a regular basis and we hope you find our site useful and informative. If the information you require cannot be found on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Larry Graham and Ross Calder
Mr. Grahan Web.jpg Mr_Caldwell_Web.JPG
Mr. Graham - Principal                                           Mr. Calder - Vice-Principal

 School Improvement Plan