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September 21
Parts of a Plant Quiz

Students have been learning about the parts of a plant and their function. Everyone is going home today with a little booklet that they made today in class that labels a plant and describes their functions. They can use this to study for this short quiz on Monday, Sept 25.

Our learning of plants will still continue!



September 19
First Post of the Year

Hi Families,

If you haven't been receiving my emails and your child is in my home room, I can be reached via email at marc.landry@nbed.nb.ca. Please send me an email if you need your name added to the 5L mailing list. 

Students have not yet been assigned homework, however, they will be asked to bring a map they coloured home this evening to show their work. 

Students can always work in Dreambox at home. If you do not have the link the Park Street Dreambox site, it is as follows​ 

  • If your child does not remember their password, please contact me via email or have your child ask me at school. 

  • Have a great week!

September 19
Book order and Jr. Choir

​Happy Tuesday!

The book order was sent home yesterday and they are due back on Friday, September 29th. If you are ordering you can pay by cheque made out to Scholastic or you can pay online.

We did ask the students yesterday if there was anyone interested in joining Jr. Choir and sent sheets home with students.  If there is a student that we missed there are forms on Mrs. Benson's page that you can print or email us and we will make sure a form gets sent home.  

Thank you,

Kinder World

September 19
Sept. 19

There are 2 formation sheets coming home this evening​.

Flexible Math groups have started.

Don't forget we are going swimming tomorrow.


September 19
Because Becca told me to

Here we are secretly organizing sneakers for the whole school. IMG_0514.JPG

September 18
Weekly Update and Reminders
Hello families,
​I hope everyone had a great weekend! The following are a few reminders and homework items for this week:
  • Students have an updated sheet of the structures that we have practiced in class so far this year.  Please take a few minutes each night to practice these structures with your child.
  • Continue to practice the alphabet and numbers in French each night.  This week we will start reviewing vowel sounds together.
  • We are also learning about the parts of the body in French this week and will be doing a variety of activities to help students familiarize themselves with this vocabulary.
  • This week we begin the Patterns and Relations unit in flexible math groups. You will receive a letter this week with the outcomes being covered in your child's math group.
  • Students are encouraged to use Dreambox at home to strengthen their math skills.  Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing Dreambox at home.
  • A reminder that our annual DFS fundraiser is still underway for another week. All order forms should be submitted to the school by Monday. September 25th. 
  • Elections for Student Council class representatives will be held this week.
Have a wonderful week!

September 17
Learning outcomes--Literacy and Math

Here is a brief overview of what we have been and will continue to be learning for the month of September in Literacy and Math.


 Oral language--Bonjour, je m'appelle _______________. Et toi, comment t'appelles-tu? Comment s'appelle t-il? Il s'appelle ___________.Comment s'appelle t-elle? Elle s'appelle ___________.Quel âge as-tu? J'ai ____ ans. Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans ton sac d'école (sac à dos)? Il y a ________ dans mon sac d'école. Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans la classe? Il y a _______dans la classe. Quand est ta fête? Ma fête est le ______. En quelle année es-tu? Je suis en 1re année. De quelle couleur sont tes cheveux? J'ai les cheveux _______. De quelle couleur sont tes yeux? J'ai les yeux ________.


During our Literacy block, we are also learning our letters in French and we will be starting sounds (les sons) tomorrow. I will be adding the song (comptine) to the weblink section that goes along with each sound that we learn. We have been writing in our journals and we have started to add words to our word wall.



We have been learning our numbers (les nombres) to 10 in French. As a part of our morning routine, we have been learning ambout the calendar and the days of the week (dimanche, lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi). We will also be starting our first unit on Patterns this week. 


The students have adjusted REALLY well to Grade 1 and to French Immersion. We are having a lot of fun learning a new language and I am very honored to have the amazing opportunity to be your child's very first FI teacher. Merci beaucoup and thank you for checking in to learn more about what your child is learning at school. It's going to be a super year in Grade 1 FI! 

September 17
Orchestra Registration

Hello Park Street Families!

It’s that time of year again for the Orchestra Program to start up. There was a meeting Friday for interested students and interested students should have come home with a permission slip to be signed and returned before Wednesday, September 20th. Rehearsals will start September 25th. Please download the attached forms if your child is interested you need a form. This is for students in grades 1 through 5. All information is in the letter below.

Parent Introduction Letter.pdfParent Introduction Letter.pdf

Orchestra Registration Form.pdfOrchestra Registration Form.pdf

Rental information:  https://www.long-mcquade.com/pdf/School%20and%20RTO%20Rates%202017-2018.PDF​​

September 17
Weekly Update

Hello families,

​I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and was able to partake in some of the great Harvest activities downtown! Below are a few reminders and homework items for this week:

  • I will be sending home some French reading books along with some tips and tricks for support your child at home. Ideally, students should be reading 10-15 minutes/night or 60 minutes per week. However, some students may need to ease into the routine to build up stamina.
  • We worked on the sound 'ou' last week and will be working with the sound 'o' this week. You can ask your child to identify words with these sounds while reading.
  • I am also sending home two lists of high-frequency words. These are words your child should easily be able to read and spell. The first list is words from grade 3, and the second is words from grade 4. As a part of your home reading time, you may choose to practice the high frequency words that are not automatic for your child to read or that they have trouble spelling. I would reccomend only focusing on the grade 3  list for now as they are likely unfamiliar with many of the grade 4 words. If you are unsure of the pronounciation of any of the high-frequency words, you may type them in and listen to them on the Larousse French Dictionary website: http://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais
  • This past week we began the Patters and Relations unit in flexile math groups. You should be receiving a letter early this week with the outcomes being covered in your child's math group.
  • A reminder that our annual DFS fundraiser is still underway for another week. All order forms should be submitted to the school by Monday. September 25th. 
  • Elections for Student Council class representatives will be held this week. Students interested in campaigning will be asked to prepare a short speech for Friday explaining why they would be a good choice to represent our class.
  • Friday we will be visiting the Martime Honey Festival at the Capital Exhibition Centre. Please see previous post for our agenda for the morning.
Upcoming dates:
  • ​September 26th is a half-day for students due to Professional Learning in the afternoon
Have a great week!

Tips to Support your Child at HOme.pdfTips to Support your Child at HOme.pdf

Mots fréquents 3 et 4.doc.pdfMots fréquents 3 et 4.doc.pdf

September 17
Week 3: Sept. 18-22
What is going on this week:
  • Popcorn: Sept. 27
  • Scholastics - orders are due back Sept. 19th
  • Math - We started the Patterns and Relation unit.  A letter should go home tomorrow t(Monday, Sept. 18th) to let you know who/what group your child is in.   Practicing simple adding and subtracting up to 20 mentally would be great. (making tens)
  • Reading - The students are asked to read a minimum of 65 min. a week. Please sign agenda with the minutes they read.  They change their books every Monday morning.  It's important to read a book more then once to practice fluency and comprehension.
  • Dream box - Kids have there username and password (They can use it at home anytime)​ I'm not giving it as homework.
  • All year your kids will be coding and we are very lucky to have Mr. Wiffle helping us.  Thank you so much.
  • I sent an email last week and a few parents haven't responded yet please do so ASAP at josette.turbide@nbed.nb.ca

Have a great week, Mme Turbide


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