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Partners for Youth - The Adventure Classroom

Partners for Youth (PFY) is a Fredericton based non-profit organization. The Adventure Classroom is an adventure based social development and empowerment program designed for students in grades 6-8. The program is currently offered at the following schools: Beaverbrook, Caledonia Regional High, Magnetic Hill, Petitcodiac Regional, Port Elgin Regional and Riverview Middle. The program begins in November and runs once a month until June. Selected students meet with a community volunteer to participate in activities that build teamwork skills, communication, trust, community citizenship, explore career interests and environmental awareness. Three times during the year a PFY instructor visits the school for a full day session with students to further develop the skills built during their sessions with the PFY community volunteer.

Students begin the program in grade 6 and continue with it through to grade 8. The program provides a safe, secure and accepting environment in which to improve their lives.

During the summer months, participating students are eligible to attend a week of camp free of charge. Located on the banks of North Lake, students learn to canoe, hike, sleep in the great outdoors and make lifelong memories.

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