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The Port Elgin and Region Health Centre

In November 2009, the Port Elgin and Region Health Centre opened its doors in its new home in a wing of the Port Elgin Regional School. It serves as a model, not only for our own community, but across the province, of the potential of partnerships.

Port Elgin Regional School was designated as a Community School in the fall of 2008. Community Schools focus on partnerships with non-profits, local businesses, and other government agencies that benefit the growth of both students and the greater community, often by providing access to the physical resources that the school has available. A team of Anglophone East School District and Horizon Health Network staff worked together to devise a plan that was submitted to both Departments for approval. The project was approved, and the cost of the necessary renovations was shared by the Department of Health, the Department of Education, and Anglophone East School School District, who led the construction and renovation project.

The Port Elgin Health Advisory Committee is comprised of local citizens, Health Centre staff and school staff. Together they identify opportunities and challenges existing in the rural community, and programs and services that are most urgently needed. By providing a home to the Health Centre, the school benefits from increased access to medical staff for its students. Health care education, promotion and prevention are key. The Health Centre staff works with students and their families by providing information on everything from nutrition and exercise, heart health, diabetes, to sexual health and pregnancy.