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BYOD Survey - Parents: View Response #395

What school does your child attend?

Bernice MacNaughton High

Would you support our program allowing your child/children to bring their mobile devices to school to enhance their learning experience?
By support we mean speak positively about it


Which of these devices does your child currently use.
Please help us determine the devices for which we should be prepared.

Microsoft tablet (MS Surface);

About how many hours  would you say your child is ONLINE, or Gaming, or on CELL PHONES (including texting) DAILY?
How many hours a day do you think?

6+ hours

Would you and your child support fundraising efforts at the school for the purpose of providing wireless internet in classrooms for student use during  their learning?
Would you contribute $$$ , Volunteer time, or encourage the effort if fundraising were presented for this cause?

Yes I would volunteer my time

Do you think students should be taught  Digital Citizenship at school? DC =  The correct way to behave online and use online resources

No, I feel parents should handle this education

Would you be comfortable with your child letting a classmate use your child's device in the classroom setting? 
Can your child share the device you bought for their education in group settings?

Yes, I trust my student

Do you agree that students using technology in school for learning will be better prepared  for the workplaces of tomorrow? Will this help our students win in the competitive job market?


Would you like to have more communication with your child's teachers  through EMAIL? Is email a good form of communication for you?


How as a Parent/Guardian do you feel about the school pursuing this educational offering to enhance your child's  learning environment?
Let us know your praise, concerns, and other thoughts here OPTIONAL

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