superintendent.jpgGregg Ingersoll is the Superintendent of the Anglophone East School District. Anglophone East has 38 schools with 15,600 students and 2500 employees.

Gregg joined School District 2 (now known as Anglophone East School District) in 2000 as a school principal. He later worked for several years as a district level Supervisor where he managed a variety of portfolios including Student Services, Leadership, Professional Development, Beginning Teachers and Positive Learning Environment. Gregg assumed the role of Director of Education in the spring of 2008.

Gregg has a Masters Degree in Educational Administration. He is passionate about providing opportunities for professional growth for educators. He believes that the secret to providing the best possible education experiences for our students is to have highly trained teachers that are current regarding the most effective teaching and assessment strategies. These teachers need school based leadership that supports their efforts so Professional Development for Principals and Vice-Principals will always be a priority as well. Gregg is a lifelong learner himself and enjoys sharing his leadership experiences outside of his role by teaching Masters level leadership courses for teachers at the University of Moncton.