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Technology Summit II

On March 17th​ Teachers from Anglophone East School District were invited to participate in the continuing conversation about reshaping the future of technology-accelerated learning in New Brunswick. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) believes it is critical to engage communities in the change process over the next 12-18 months. During this conference, partnerships were formed for the benefit of all – students, teachers, businesses and our communities.

There are many positive things happening in our schools and we need to expand best practices across the province. We would like to develop a system-wide approach for using and implementing technology in Math, Sciences, Literacy, the Arts and elective courses. These goals align with objectives outlined in the 10-year Education Plan, Everyone at Their Best​.

Exe​​mplary Teachers Engaging Students

Ian Fogarty, High School Science, Riverview High

“I Matter Now”: Personalized Learning Projects for the Millennial Generation

Do I do real work for real people? Does English, Biology and History class make me an author, biologist or historian? How does my learning make a positive difference in my life and make my community more sustainable?​


Andrew Harris, Grade 1, Riverview East School

My presentation will focus on the role of iPads within an effective classroom environment.  We will look at how iPads have affected the differentiation of lessons, assessment of student progress, and the manner in which students demonstrate their understanding.  I will show examples of how the camera function and various free apps can greatly improve common teaching practices.​

Ben Kelly, 6-12 Technology, Caledonia Regional

Ben is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Global Minecraft Mentor, Microsoft Surface Expert and published educational researcher. Check out the Microsoft HoloLens today! The first in Canadian K-12 Education!​

Sondra Kitchen, Grade 2/3, Mountain View School

This year we have introduced iPads in a one to one format for both the grade 2 and 3 classes.  We started small and have worked our way from basic iPad functions to cross-curricular project creations (Science, Math, Language Arts, Health and Gym).​


James Mosher, Chemistry 11/12, Moncton High

SWIVL is a robot video recorder platform that uses any phone or tablet. After video recording my chemistry 121 course using the SWIVL robot and creating an iTunes U course, students have the opportunity to learn chemistry from any location. SWIVL is powerful tool for self-directed learning, student observation and assessment, course content review, teacher and student reflection.

Martin Pelletier, Grade 6-8 Math/Science, Petitcodiac Regional

I teach middle school immersion Math and Science and am also the technology SPR for the middle and high school. My specialities are flipping the classroom, student engagement, and allowing students to express their learning in various forms using iPad applications.​


Mike Robertson, Skilled Trades, Caledonia Regional High

I am a Red Seal carpenter and our students take on exciting innovative projects every year. Last year we built an artisan village now used by small businesses in our community. This year we are constructing a tiny house for a client in Belleisle NB.   

Julie Roy, Grade 5 French Immersion/Enrichment/ESS, Lou MacNarin School

As a social engineer, Julie's learning environments promote breaking down barriers to create solid understanding of foundational skills so that her students can propel themselves into engaging learning adventures to solve 21st century challenges by becoming creators rather than consumers of technology.​