About Our District

Located in New Brunswick, Anglophone East School District serves approximately 15,600 students in 37 schools. The district employs approximately 1700 full-time staff and 700 part-time staff.

Geographically, Anglophone East District is located in south-eastern New Brunswick, covering municipalities as far west as Havelock and as far north as Sainte-Marie-de-Kent, including Salisbury, Petitcodiac, Alma, Hillsborough, the Greater Moncton area, Cocagne, Shediac, Sackville, and Port Elgin.

Achievements of Anglophone East School District include:

  • Continued professional development training for all staff. Teachers receive opportunities for further study in the areas of curriculum implementation, classroom management, personal wellness and leadership. Educational supervisors organize this in-service training. Paraprofessionals have on going training in their areas of employment and the Human Resources Department of Anglophone East School District coordinates these efforts.
  • Schools work collaboratively in a Community of Schools model. District staff work closely with the principals of the schools in each community to plan professional development and to meet the needs of students, parents and staff.
  • Information sessions for parents are organized through Home and School Associations, Parent School Support Committee, The District Education Council, Schools and District office staff.
  • District events such as Chess Tournaments, Drama Festival, Public Speaking, Story-Fest, Field Days and Science Olympics are organized to enhance the opportunities already provided to our students by individual schools.
  • Anglophone East District employs a full – time Enrichment Consultant.
  • Anglophone East District offers alternate education sites including a grades 4-7 Integrated Studies class, Temporary Placement Centers for Middle Level and High Schools and two Alternate Schools for High School students.
  • Anglophone East District works with many community partners to develop contacts and programs for students.
  • Students from Anglophone East District have scored favorably on standard tests including national competitions and provincial assessments.
  • Anglophone East District students are offered opportunities for travel, participating in international exchanges, national award programs and cultural exchanges.