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June 05
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April 05
STEMeast Expo 2018

In Anglophone East School District, our Science classrooms are transforming to become STEM classrooms where Science, Technology and Mathematical skills are brought together to solve real-world problems.  Students learn collaboratively to solve their problem through a project-based approach.  They explore using hands-on activities through the Engineering Design Process to investigate possible solutions.


Our STEM East Expo is the next step in the evolution of science fairs.  In a science fair, the focus is on answering questions to satisfy a student’s curiosity about the world around them, whereas a STEM Expo is aimed at developing a solution to a real-world problem.  A science fair project can be an experiment, a demonstration or research on a topic, while a STEM Expo project is a showcase of creativity, ingenuity and self-reflection on a product that solves a problem.


Learning opportunities at the STEMeast Expo included: welding simulator, tower building challenge, solving puzzles, coding, home made hovercraft, and reverse-engineered bike.


 Buzzfeed special from STEMeast Expo 2018:



February 01
Deeper Learning Competencies

 Students across the district are engaging in thought-provoking student generated projects, which focus on global and local issues. Within these projects, students work together and learn valuable skills, competencies, and curriculum outcomes.  These projects combine many subject areas from Math and Science to Language Arts and Health.  

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

The ability to critically evaluate information to solve meaningful, real-life, complex problems  

Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

To take risks with learning; to question, test, and demonstrate initiative, imagination, and creativity

Learning to Learn/Self-awareness and Self-direction

Being able to self-regulate, be adaptive, and show resiliency


Able to establish positive and respectful relationships when working with others.


Communicating effectively with a variety of styles and tools that fit the situation 

Global Citizenship and Sustainability

Thinking about how real-world problems affect others and ourselves.

 Student Work:


Recycle Clothing.jpeg

Students repurpose recyclable materials in order to create clothing for a staff fashion show.



Students use drones to practice career skills for disaster first air delivery, flood surveying, videography, package delivery, and even drone racing.



Students research the issue of plastic waste and then pick up waste around the community.





Students research possible solutions to the waste issue.




Students create model inventions to help reduce plastic waste in the local and global community. 




Students extend their learning by designing and building scaled models of Tiny Houses.


 Watch us in action:


TESS Student Voice - Video



November 24
Focus on Inquiry
Working with students to support their learning in an area of interest, many of our schools are embracing inquiry based learning. This can be within any learning area from Science, Math,  to Art or Music.
Some examples:
Bungee Bug.jpg

Bungee Bug-
Students in grade 8 are working in teams to calculate the exact number of elastics that will successfully bungee the bug doll from a designated height, they only get one drop!
Dash and Dot.jpg

Dash and Dot- Students in grade 3 are using Blockly to code the Dash robot to solve a variety of puzzles.
Green Screen.jpg

Green Screen- Students in grade 6 are using the green screen app DoINK to film themselves describing the various parts of the cell to showcase their understanding.
KEVA Planks.jpg

Students in grade 4 are building a variety of structures to perfect their skills in scientific literacy. Here they are attempting to build the tallest tower in the class.

MakeyMakey is being used in partnership with the macbooks to code a controller out of conductive materials.

Digiscope- Students in grade 8 are investigating the micro world with the Digital microscopes in partnership with the macbooks.

Pyramid- Students in grade 4 are building their ability to communicate and work together in the teamwork pyramid challenge.

RollerCoaster- Teams have been challenged to build a roller coaster out of household materials in order to practice their data collection and planning skills.

Students in grade 7 are writing lines of code to successfully make Sphero the robot travel in between chairs and table legs.


Pulley- Students in grade 3 are being challenged to build a simple pulley that will allow them to lift a cup of marbles off the floor.



Want to know more? Watch us in action:


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