Orientation For New Employees

​​Step by Step Guide – Orientation

Welcome to the Anglophone East School District.  The following information pertains to helping you learn more about the District, essential policy validations, and additional information you will need to be successful as you begin your career with us.  Please review and follow the steps outlined here to complete your personnel file.

​1.   Read and review the Anglophone East School District New Employee Orientation Manual.

2.   Complete the mandatory policy validations for:

Please note:  These policies and the resulting certificates must be provided to Human Resources prior to activating you as an employee.  The Policy 701 is a printout of your test results, and the remainder are certificates.

3.   Please see Additional Information for Teachers for specifics on job types, compensation, and NBTA contact information.

4.   The Anglophone East School District uses an automated system for the fulfillment of absences called Absence Management.  You will be provided with login IDs once your file is complete.  Please review the following short videos to familiarize yourself with this system.  

Additional Resources