Employment Opportunities

Whether you are considering a career with Anglophone East School District, are a current employee thinking about your future, or are interested in casual or supply opportunities, welcome to the Human Resources Employment section. You will be able to check out our current job opportunities and find out how to apply for jobs that interest you.

All competitions are conducted in accordance with the appropriate Collective Agreements and Part II of the NB Civil Service Act and Regulations. The District uses open selection procedures that ensure the selection of the most suitable candidate for a position. The process ensures fair access to competitions.

Internal Postings

Internal job postings are either i) open only to current permanent Anglophone East School District employees or ii) posted in accordance with the appropriate collective agreement and are open only to current bargaining unit members. If no qualified applicants are found internally then the vacancies will be posted externally.

NOTICE:  If you are an active casual employee working under the CUPE 2745 or CUPE 1253 group, you are now eligible to apply for permanent CUPE 2745 or CUPE 1253 "internal" vacancies.

1314-256Educational Assistant - Riverview HighSupport Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-257Educational Assistant - Moncton High (three positions)Support Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-258Educational Assistant - Magnetic HillSupport Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-259Educational Assistant - Lou MacNarinSupport Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-260Educational Assistant - Harrison Trimble (two positions)Support Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-261Educational Assistant - Frank L. BowserSupport Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-262Educational Assistant - Edith Cavell (two positions)Support Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-263Educational Assistant - Birchmount (two positions)Support Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-264Educational Assistant - Bernice MacNaughton (two positions)Support Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-266Educational Assistant - Forest Glen - Term PositionSupport Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-267Educational Assistant - Lou MacNarin - Two Term PositionsSupport Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-268Educational Assistant - Evergreen Park - Term PositionSupport Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-269Educational Assistant - Edith Cavell - Term PositionSupport Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-270Educational Assistant - Bernice MacNaughton - Term PositionSupport Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
1314-271Educational Assistant - Sunny Brae - Term PositionSupport Services - CUPE 27458/8/2014
External Postings

External job postings are open to all qualified applicants. Notices may also be posted in the Times & Transcript and Telegraph Journal as well as the Career Beacon website.  NOTE:  Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

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Currently we are not accepting applications for day to day substitute teaching. Check back regularly for updates/changes.