Early Years Evaluation

The Early Years Developmental Assessment (EYE-DA) is completed with all children who will begin kindergarten next September. The EYE-DA assesses the developmental strengths and areas requiring support for children at the start of school.  It assesses four key areas of early childhood development: Awareness of Self and Environment, Cognitive Skills, Language and Communication, and Physical Development.

The EYE-DA is conducted by Family and Early Childhood Anglophone East Inc. on behalf of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.  Family and Early Childhood Anglophone East Inc. will provide parents with information about their child’s developmental strengths, areas of need, and activities to support a positive transition to school.​

The EYE-DA takes approximately 45 minutes per child.  Colorful pictures and physical activities make the EYE-DA fun for children. Evaluations to take place between October 22nd and December 3rd.​ Check back soon for the dates at your school.