Events Schedule

Date Description


Kindergarten Registration 

Oct - Nov


Kindergarten Kick-Off - Parents/guardians Attend to learn more about the Transition to School program. There will be suggestions for activities that can be done at home to support your child's learning and development. Schedule

Feb - Mar 

Welcome to Kindergarten - Children and parents/guardians attend a fun activity-based session where they will receive the Welcome to Kindergarten Bag filled with materials to prepare your child for school. A Welcome to Kindergarten session will be offered at your school, and at your local library. ​​Schedule
May ​Orientation to Kindergarten - This program offers children and their parents/guardians an exciting opportunity to spend a portion of the day in the classroom with our Kindergarten Teachers. During this time children will gain a sense of what school will be like through planned activities, meet some of their future classmates. Schedule​