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March 17
Caledonia Regional High School News!

On February 28th, Mrs. Godfrey assembled a Think Tank to review data from the Positive Mental Health Module from the Joint Health Consortium, the TTFM (Tell Them From Me / now called Our School) and the NB Wellness Survey


The focus of the Think Tank was to share data and create a shared vision of what we can do to address positive mental health community to build a sense of connectedness among our shared initiatives within our community. From the Think Tank, we hope to extend our resources as a school and a youth - not just to their school, but also to their community.


In attendance were:

  • 3 Caledonia students

  • 5 Caledonia volunteers

  • 1 Representative from the District Education Council

  • 3 Caledonia PSSC members

  • 3 Caledonia teachers

  • 2 Caledonia administrators

  • 1 Guidance Counsellor

  • 3 Representatives with police training

  • 1 Youth pastor

  • 2 Representatives from Horizon Health – including 1 Youth Addictions Services

  • 3 Community members

  • 1 MLA Representative

  • 1 Co-ordinator from Mental Health Services 

  • 1 Representative from the Boys & Girls Club,

  • 1 Social Worker

  • 1 Hillsborough council member



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