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June 16
Teacher Authors Launch Book!

Our trio of ASD-E teacher-authors are at it again! Odette Barr (author/illustrator), Colleen Landry (author) and Beth Weatherbee (author) have published the second in a series of adventure stories that follow a New Brunswick Canada goose as she navigates her way through life. Last year it was an early chapter book, Follow the Goose Butt, Camelia Airheart!; this year it is a picture book, Take Off to Tantramar.


Camelia, the loveable goose with a faulty GPS—goose positioning system—is off to the Tantramar Wetlands in search of a leg “bracelet” (just like her Aunt Tillie’s!). While there, Camelia and her brother, McCurdy, meet a rapping mallard duck, Drake, and get into all kinds of trouble.


Books will soon be available in stores and online, but why not watch our teachers perform a reading at their book launch, appropriately located at the Tantramar Wetlands Centre (at the back of TRHS) on Saturday, June 17 at 1-3 pm.


Come on out for the animated reading, slideshow, cake, refreshments and activities!


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