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September 08
Riverview High School News!

Riverview High School wants to invite all schools

to participate in the #BeccaToldMeTo school challenge. Rebecca Schofield is a 2017 RHS

graduate and she has the dream to make the world a better place through acts of kindness as a part of her

#BeccaToldMeTo campaign. All that

Becca asks is for people to commit

random acts of kindness and celebrate

them through social media using the

hash tag #BeccaToldMeTo. Her hope is

that others will be motivated to in turn

commit their own acts of kindness as

they read about the movement on

social media. Her message has gone

world-wide since she launched her

campaign in December 2016 and the

New Brunswick Government declared

September 16th Becca Schofield Day to

honor Rebecca, her spirit, and her message.

Here at Riverview High School, we want to support Becca as a fellow Royal and New Brunswicker in

her cause to spread acts of kindness. As such, we are challenging every one of our students and staff

members to each commit one act of kindness on Becca Schofield day on September 16th. Our 1,200 acts

will not only help spread kindness but to also recognize Becca’s positive spirit and determination; character

traits we would hope for from all of our province’s students and staff. We will also encourage our students

and staff to celebrate these acts of kindness on social media using the #BeccaToldMeTo hashtag so that

Becca herself and others may witness the kindness spreading. After the Becca Schofield Day, we will record

and pass along to Becca the total numbers of acts of kindness our school has performed as a sign of our

commitment to her cause.

We are challenging your school’s students and staff to join us in this promotion of Becca Schofield

Day and the acts of kindness to support her cause. We would encourage where possible for people to

celebrate these acts of kindness through social media using the #BeccaToldMeTo. We would also

appreciate if you could email us at the total number of acts your school has

performed so we can pass it along to Becca. This will allow students and staff who do not have access to

social media also take part in the challenge. We are recommending schools to set a goal of one act of

kindness for every student and staff. Please email us by noon on Wednesday, September 20th to have your

school’s acts of kindness added to the school challenge total.​

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