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December 01
Riverview High School News!

RHS is hosting a Day of Gratitude in conjunction with the movement towards Canadian reconciliation with First Nations and the NB education ten year plan. 

Hon. Bruce Fitch and Mayor Ann Seamans will also be in attendance for some of the day. 

Date: December 15th/2017  (Raindate Mon Dec 18th)
Our vision for the day: Celebration of Gratitude
Objectives: Celebrate contributions made by First Nations; Enhance awareness through cross-curricular activities exposing students to Indigenous cultures through song, dance, history, sport, arts, science, etc.

AM Schedule:
Period 1: 8:33 – 9:15 (regular classes)
Period 1: 8:33-9:15  (workshops offered in various venues)
Period 2:  9:20 - 10:00 AM (regular classes)
Period 2: 9:20-10:00 AM (selected workshops repeated) 

Period 3A: 10:05-11:05 Assembly (Group A) Theatre (1/2 of school attends – classes and assembly groups TBA
Period 3A: 10:05-11:05 (regular classes Group B)
Period 3A: 10:05-11:05  Library (optional classes from Group B) James Upham: Places and Names (by sign up)

Period 3B: 11:15-12:15  Assembly (Group B) Theatre (second half of school attends) 
Period 3B: 11:15 – 12:15 (regular classes Group A)
Period 3B: 11:15 -12:15 ( Library Option with James Upham: Places & Names  for Selected classes in Group A) 

Gratitude Ceremony (60 minutes)
(i)                Opening Remarks & Introduction of Special Guests (exchange of gifts- sweet grass or tobacco)- 5 minutes
(ii)                 Singing of Oh Canada (Mi’kmaq version)
(iii) Keynote Speaker- Walter Paul (15 minutes)                                                                                                                              
(iv) Welcome Millbrook First Nation (15 minutes)
§   Jeff Wilmot –the History of Canoe-building and its importance as a Indigenous tradition
§       Heather Stevens – her journey and love of dance -  jingle dancing in particular
§       Garrett Gloade – his journey and the message within the drum.  
(v) Special Milestone & Sport : (10 minutes) 
§       Coach Blake Edwards -  the historical significance of the Canadian Rugby Association and the Treaties as we celebrate sport and the first ever Aboriginal only Rugby Team. 
(vi) Presentation of First Nations Flag on behalf of our Royal Family
§        Michael Saunders (Assembly A)
§       Isaac Cyr  (Assembly B)
Closing Remarks 
Lunch: 12:25- 1:23 PM (Prepared for invited guests by Cul tech students) 
Afternoon Sessions (TBA)
Per 4: 1:23- 1:23 2:23 (regular classes)

Per 5: 2:30-3:30 (regular class and/or workshop option)
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