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January 19
Evergreen Park School News!

It’s Pajama Day at EPS on Wednesday, January 24th.  Anyone choosing to wear their pjs will pay $1, the proceeds of which will go to our Goodwill Fund. This fund helps support families in need in our community.

Friday, January 26th, EPS will be participating in Family Literacy Day. This day is a national awareness initiative created by ABC Life Literacy in 1999 and held annually to raise awareness regarding the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy–related activities as a family. Teachers in all grades will be sending a variety of activities home for parents to do with their children. The following websites have some interesting information and a variety of 15 minute fun ideas: and Taking time every day to read or to do a learning activity with children is crucial to a child’s development and can improve a child’s reading ability dramatically.

We are looking for volunteers to help in the following ways: Safe Arrival and the Fluoride program. If you are interested and able to volunteer in any capacity, please contact the school at 856-3476.

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