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May 31
JMA Armstrong High School News!

Armstrong High School students in 3D studies and Visual Arts 9 worked with artist Amy Ash through an artist in residency.  The Artist-in-Residency School Program funds art projects which are based on Fine Arts curricular outcomes and are a collaboration between one or more teachers and one or more artists. This program is jointly funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the department of tourism, heritage and culture. The artist in residency which was awarded to fine arts students was titled, “The Home/Land: Interdisciplinary Visual Explorations.” Through this project, the 3D studies students created plaster casts of objects that speak of the local area of Salisbury. The objects have a white finish because the Visual Art 9 students created a photo project that is projected overtop of the sculptural installation. Additionally, the grade 9 students have collected field recordings to create a soundscape.  Ash guided students toward a greater appreciation of their own technical and creative thinking in making this large scale, interdisciplinary sculpture. Instruction focused on the teamwork which was required to ensure the installation has a cohesive aesthetic and message. The subject of the sculpture and photography was inspired by the rural landscape of Salisbury farmland, the community, and Armstrong High School, which will give students an awakening of their observation of the beauty of the community they live in. 


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