School Staff Directory

B. AmosSupport StaffEducational Assistant
M. Belliveau-BlackTeaching StaffTeacher
Grade 3 French Immersion
K. BerryTeaching StaffTeacher
K-5 Resource and Music
E. BurnsTeaching StaffTeacher
Grade 5 Intensive French
S. ChristieSupport StaffCafeteria Staff
G. ColletteSupport StaffLibrarian
J.L. ComeauSupport StaffEducational Assistant
S. CorriganSupport StaffEducational Assistant
K. CrosthwaiteSupport StaffEducational Assistant
M. DallaireTeaching StaffTeacher
Grade 4 French Immersion
J. Deware-FlewellingTeaching StaffTeacher
Grade 1 French Immersion
J. DuplessisTeaching StaffTeacher
Grade 5 French Immersion
K. FraserTeaching StaffTeacher
Physical Education, ELA and Art
S. FrenchSupport StaffAdministrative Assistant
J. GallantSupport StaffEducational Assistant
T. GallantTeaching StaffTeacher
K. Hayes-McEachernTeaching StaffTeacher
Grade 4 English
J. HolmanTeaching StaffResource Teacher
Grade K- 5 Resource
S. HopperTeaching StaffTeacher
Grade 1 French Immersion
R. LeBlancTeaching StaffTeacher
Grade 5 French Immersion
W. LewisTeaching StaffTeacher
Grade 2
A. MacDonaldTeaching StaffTeacher
Grade 3 English
J. MattatallTeaching StaffTeacher
Kindergarten-Grade 1
M. McGaughSupport StaffEducational Assistant
J. RoyTeaching StaffTeacher
Grade 4 French Immersion
J. RushtonSupport StaffEducational Assistant
C. SiddallSupport StaffEducational Assistant
B. Snowdon-MurdockTeaching StaffTeacher
C. SteevesTeaching StaffTeacher
Grade 2
G. SteevesSupport Staff
Speech and Language Pathologist
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