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January 08
MADD Canada Presentaton for Grades 7&8
Good Evening Parents,

On Tuesday, January 9th at 1pm, Kahli Douglas will make a presentation to our Grade 7 & 8 students on behalf of MADD Canada on the risks and dangers of driving under the influence or with those who may be under the influence.  Based on feedback provided through our PSSC Committee surveys from parents, experimentation with alcohol and other substances were identified as an area of concern.  This presentation is designed for a Grade 7 & 8 audience and aligns with Grade 7 & 8 Health curriculum related to risk taking behaviours and substance use/abuse.

Given that each student has a variety of experiences, and may react differently to this presentation, we wanted parents to be aware of the presentation, so that you can discuss the presentation with your children tomorrow evening and monitor their reaction to the content.  Even though the content and presentation is designed to be age appropriate for a Grade 7 & 8 audience, the content of the presentation may be shocking for some students, therefore, we suggest that you take time, if possible, to discuss the presentation with your child.  Additional follow-up will occur during Health and Personal Development classes.