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September 03
Welcome Back Information for Bessborough School

Good Afternoon Parents,

We are excited to welcome your children back to school next week and have been working this week to process all of our new registrations.  Our school continues to grow, and with the everchanging housing market we have had more registrations this year than ever before.  Thank you for your patience as I know that both you and your children want to know their placement to prepare for next week.

Class lists have now been finalized and teachers are in the process of sending emails to notify students of their class placements.  We will also be posting class lists on the exterior doors of the school for your reference if you have not received an email.  

Below are a few reminders of our operational plan for next week.  I will be periodically checking my email this weekend and working to respond to the large volume of emails received during the last 24hrs.

1) We are implementing a staggered entry process for all K-8 students for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week, with all students attending on Friday.  

Students in Grades 1-8 will follow the schedule listed below, while Kindergarten students will attend based on their staggered entry letter date.

Grades 1-8 Last Names A-G Tuesday, September 7

Grades 1-8 Last Names H-O Wednesday, September 8

Grades 1-8 Last Names P-Z Thursday, September 9


2) When students arrive at school on Tuesday to Thursday of next week, they will remain on the playground with their supplies until 8:00am. 

Grade 4 and Kindergarten Students will enter the door closest to Bessborough Avenue on the soccer field side of the the school. 

Grade 1 Students and students in Ms. Mulligan-Innes class will enter via the Middle Door on the Soccer Field Side of the School.

Grade 2 Students  (Mme. Dixon, Ms. Anthes, Mme. Belliveau, Mme Carter) and all Grade 3 Students will enter the school via the door facing Athlone Avenue, closest to the Safe Drop Zone.

All Grade 5-8 students will enter via the Portable Classroom entrance at the rear of the school.

Staff members will be stationed on the playground and inside the doors to assist students to get to their classes.  Parents are not able to enter the school at this time and must be masked at all times when on school grounds.

On Friday, September 10th, students will remain outside until the regularly scheduled entry time of 8:10am, then enter via their designated door.


3)  When arriving at school, all students will need to be wearing a community mask until they enter the school.  This includes students walking to school, and those arriving via Safe Drop Off.  All students must have a community mask on to load onto a school bus and keep their mask on at all times during the bus ride and when they arrive at school.  Students may remove their mask when they have entered their classroom but will be required to wear their mask when moving between classes and when in common areas such as washrooms, hallways and other common areas.  Please send an additional clean community mask in a labelled ziploc bag with your child.  We respect that many students and families have different comfort levels in terms of masking at this time.  Should your child feel more comfortable wearing their mask while in their classroom, they are welcome to do so.  All students will be expected to adhere to masking guidelines outlined by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.


4)    All students are required to have a refillable water bottle.  We no longer have drinking fountains.  They have been replaced by water bottle fill stations.  For sanitary reasons, we will not be using disposable cups and only refillable water bottles will be used.  Please wash and sanitize your child's water bottle regularly to promote good health and hygiene.


5)  Students will be required to sanitize their hands each time they enter and leave the classroom.  A pump sanitizer will be available at all class entries.


Thank you for your patience and support as we start an exciting new year with your children.  Have a great Labour Day weekend!

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April 04
Updates From Bessborough School

Good Morning Parents,


I hope this message finds you, your children, and your loved ones well, and safe.  This is a very unprecedented time, filled with a lot of uncertainty for many.  On behalf of the Bessborough School Staff, we want you to know that we miss your children greatly, as they are a very important part of our lives.

Over the past three weeks, our school staff has been working with School District and Provincial Departmental Staff to develop programming and resources to help support your children while they are at home.  In this email, you will find detailed information about programming and resources available to you and your children. 

Following the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development’s announcement of the cancellation of the remainder of the school year, we have had additional meetings with the School District, and School Staff to make additional plans, and we will continue to do so.

If you have any questions that are unanswered following this email, please email me directly, and if I am unable to answer your question, I will contact someone at the District or Departmental level to answer your question.

On behalf of the Bessborough School Staff, I would also like to extend our appreciation to all of the members of our school community who as Frontline Workers are stepping up during this challenging time to meet the needs of others.  Your hard work, long hours and sacrifices for others show the leadership, grit and resiliency we hope to instill in our students every day.  Thank you for leading by example and sacrificing for others.


What Can I Expect From Bessborough School?

1)    During the week of April 6-9, you will be receiving a phone call from your child’s homeroom teacher to check in on them and discuss with you, your family’s capacity for at home learning.  We know that every family is facing a different reality right now due to changes in parental work schedules, financial stressors and numerous other factors.  We also understand that each family’s access to internet and technology at home varies, and may evolve daily as many employees are being asked to work from home.  Sharing this information with your child’s teacher will give us a better scope of our community’s needs and capacity when planning learning activities for your children.  The call will show as a “Private Caller,” or “No Caller ID,” when your child’s teacher calls.

2)    Following the initial phone call from your child’s teacher next week, teachers will remain in contact with you via email on a weekly basis.  If you do not have access to email consistently, please make your child’s teacher aware that you would prefer a phone call to check in.  Teachers and School Administration will also be checking their emails daily.

3)    If you require letters for Citizenship and Immigration, or the Canada Revenue Agency for income tax or citizenship applications, please email me directly at  Please clearly outline the requirements for the letter and a copy of the letter will be drafted and forwarded to you via mail.

4)    If you require essential items for your children from Bessborough School such as medications, eyeglasses or assistive technology, please email me directly at  Due to the current State of Emergency, school access is restricted only to School Administration.  During regular maintenance and security checks, I will retrieve the required items and make arrangements with you for them to be picked up or dropped off.  At this time, per direction from the Chief Medical Officer, parents and students cannot enter schools at this time.  Further information regarding the retrieval of school supplies and non-essential personal items will be released as soon as it becomes available.

5)    All school affiliated fundraising, including Home and School Fundraising is suspended at this time.  We understand that many families have collected orders for our Home & School Association Vesey’s Seeds Fundraiser.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

6)    As announced by Minister Cardy, all students will progress to the next grade level for the 2020-2021 Academic Year.  Understanding that every student will have varying levels of preparation for their next grade level, our student services team (guidance and resource teachers) and teacher teams will be working  as collaborative teams to identify essential learnings and instructional practices that will focus on closing any gaps from the previous grade level, while also allowing students to access and master their new grade level curriculum.

7)    We have been receiving numerous inquiries about what the end of the school year will look like for students, especially our current Grade 8 Students.  At this time, we have not set timelines as there is too much uncertainty given the continually evolving situation on our province.  When current restrictions have eased, we will collaborate with the Home & School Association to discuss what can be planned to ensure our Grade 8’s have a proper send off to high school.  We will also continue to work with Mr. Daigle and his staff at Bernice MacNaughton High School to ensure a smooth transition to Grade 9 for our students.

8)    For our Pre-Kindergarten Parents, all Pre-Kindergarten Events scheduled for the remainder of this school year have been cancelled at this time.  As the current pandemic situation evolves, and information becomes available, we will communicate to you what Kindergarten readiness events and activities will be made available for your child.

What Can I Expect From Anglophone East School District?

1)    This previous week you should have received a voicemail and email from Anglophone East Superintendent, Gregg Ingersoll, outlining the student mental health program launched Thursday.  Attached is a flyer outlining the program, and how to access it for your child.  Information can also be found using the following weblink:


From 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, guidance counsellors from all Bernice MacNaughton High School Family of Schools, including Bessborough, Hillcrest, Evergreen, Maplehurst and BMHS will on a rotational basis man a telephone line and be responding to emails for students requiring guidance support.  If you prefer to email Ms. Durelle, please email her directly at


To access the service, please call 871-0091 or email


2)    You will be receiving a phone survey from Anglophone East School District today to ask you four questions regarding your ability to support learning at home.  Questions will focus on accessibility to the internet, accessibility to electronic devices including computers and tablets, your ability to support learning at home given all of the other factors and stressors facing families at this time, and your access to community television services.

3)    During the week of April 6-9, learning resources will be published on the Anglophone East School District Website.  The nature of these resources will be general and reinforce basic literacy and numeracy skills.  Per direction from our Superintendent, the primary focus, at this time is safety and student wellness.  Additional learning materials will be made available to families at a later time.  These materials are intended to support learning at home and are not prescribed assignments.  We understand that every family’s reality is different at this time and there may not be capacity to support learning at home.


How Will This School Closure Affect My Children?

Many children are having difficulty adjusting to their new reality of being away from school.  Many are finding it difficult to be away from friends, and adjusting to loss of activities and their regular routine.  Every child handles stress in different ways.  Some children may also be concerned for loved ones including Grandparents, parents or family members working in frontline or essential services.  At this time, the best advice is to do your best to support your children by openly discussing their concerns, provide opportunities for physical activity whenever possible and find a routine that fits your family to focus on making memories rather than creating conflict.  You are not expected to re-create a classroom or school at home for your children. Please reach out to our district mental health support line at 871-0091 if you require support for your child.

What Is Expected From Me As A Parent?

We are all facing a new reality that none of us were prepared for.  We know that every parent is doing their very best to support their children, and that support will look different for every family taking into consideration work expectations, financial stressors, and numerous other factors.  We are here to support you and your children.  Education will look very different for the next 3 months.  We have reasonable expectations and are here to help.  We do not expect you to recreate a school environment at home or have an expectation that all students will follow a typical school day routine.  Resources will be shared with parents to support learning in a way that fits your reality.  Your children’s teachers are there to support you, and are only an email away.

May 06
Changes In Grade 2 English Prime

Good Evening Parents,

This message is intended for the parents of students enrolled in the Grade 2 English Prime Program at Bessborough School.


Effective Monday, May 6, 2019, due to increased enrollment, a second teacher has been added to your child's classroom.  Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Hansen back from her medical leave and also in welcoming Ms. Despres as she joins our Grade 2 class for the remainder of the school year.  An additional educational assistant will also be joining the class to support the learning of the students.  Ms. Morais will be joining the class for the remainder of the school year as well.

Mrs. Hansen and Ms. Despres will be team teaching the class and providing a variety of small group interventions to help students meet their learning goals.  Please feel free to contact either teacher if you have any questions or concerns.  Mrs. Smith, an educational assistant currently supporting the class will remain in place and Ms. Hawkes will continue to provide part time support in the class.

Have a great evening,


Nick Mattatall

Principal, Bessborough School 

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June 21
Grade 6-8 Award Ceremony Photos
Good Afternoon Parents,

For those of you requesting copies of photos from today's ceremony, a Spark Page to share the photos has been published using the link below:

Thank you all for attending today to celebrate our students, valuable volunteers and amazing community organizations that support our school community.

June 18
Activities and Events At Bessborough This Week
Good Morning Parents,

This final week of the school year will be a busy one at Bessborough School.  Please see below for a list of events below:

1) Cafeteria Services are now closed for the year.  Any meal cards or milk cards will be honoured in September.  Students will be required to bring their lunch each day.

2) Dismissal for bus students on Friday, June 22nd will be at 11:30am for all students.  Walking students will be dismissed at 11:40am.  If you are picking your child up prior to 11:40am, please sign your child out from their homeroom teacher.

3) We will have our annual countdown on the soccer field at 11:15am on Friday, June 22nd weather permitting.  Parents and family members are welcome to join us for the annual tradition.  Following the countdown, students will be dismissed to the busses and all walking students or students being picked up will be dismissed at 11:40am.  Please see your child's homeroom teacher to sign them out prior to leaving.

4)  Our Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony and Grade 6-8 Award Ceremony will take place Thursday morning at 9:30am in the gymnasium.  Parents and family members are welcome to attend the ceremony where we will recognize our Grade 8 Graduates and academic, athletic, arts and citizenship awards for our Grade 6-8 students.

5)  Our annual Grade 8 Prom will be Wednesday, June 21st at 6pm.  There will be a reception for Grade 8 students and their parents from 6pm-7:30pm followed by a dance from 7:30pm to 9pm.  Grade 7 & 8 students are welcome to attend.  Admission is free for Grade 8 students and a guest.  Admission for Grade 7 students is $5.

6)  Our Grade K-4 Field Day will be Tuesday, June 19th.

7)  Our Grades 5-8 Students will participate in Right To Play activities during the afternoon of Tuesday, June 19th.

8)  Grades 5-8 Students will participate in a Math Olympics Activity on Wednesday, June 20th from 8:20-10 am.

We wish all of our families a safe and restful summer vacation!

June 16
Cafeteria Services Closed
Good Evening Parents,

This email is a reminder that cafeteria services have closed for the school year and that students will be required to bring their lunch for the remaining 4 days of school.  Friday, June 22nd will be a 1/2 day for students and students will be dismissed at 11:30am for bus students and 11:40am for walking students.

Remaining meal card and milk card balances will be honoured when the cafeteria resumes services in September.

June 15
Track & Field Meet Schedule
Good Afternoon Parents,

Attached you will find the rosters, event registrations and schedule for the Track & Field Meet on Saturday, June 16th.  We wish our athletes all the best in their events tomorrow!

June 07
Global Awareness Fair Tonight at Bessborough 6-8pm
Good Evening Parents,

This is a reminder that our Global Awareness Fair is tonight from 6-8pm in our gymnasium.  Students have created carnival games, projects and entrepreneurial products that are all focused on educating about the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

See you tonight!

June 06
PJ Walk For Kids To Support Ronald McDonald Room
Please see below for information regarding a great initiative that our Student Leadership Group is supporting:

PJ Walk for Kids - Join us in your PJs from 9-11 a.m. on Sunday, June 10th
Centennial Park, Moncton
Funds raised will support Maritime families with sick children
Last year we helped 1,253 families from New Brunswick
• Start your morning with a Pancake Breakfast
• Walk in your PJs and enjoy en route entertainment
• Celebrate with fun activities and refreshments for the whole family
• Fundraise to support Maritime families with sick children
*Register at or on-site on Sunday.
Bessborough Leadership students will be volunteering at the event. If you're unable to attend the event but would like to make a donation through the Bessborough team page please go to:

June 05
Special Guest Speaker at Bessborough June 8th
Good Afternoon,

On Friday, June 8th, Bessborough will be welcoming Danielle Dorris, Paralympic Swimmer and Bessborough Alumni to give a keynote address to students on her journey, perseverance and determination to reach your goals as part of the Petro Canada Fuelling Athletes and Coaching Excellence Program.  Danielle will be presenting to the students at 12:30pm in the gymnasium.

We are very excited to welcome Danielle back to Bessborough to help inspire our students.

June 05
Bessborough Global Awareness Fair Thursday June 7
Dear parents/guardians

This year, a group of Middle School students have been working extremely hard on a cross-curricular project focused on the United Nation’s 17 Goals for Sustainable Development. ( )

Students have created games, products, and even STEM Designs to promote their Goals!  This project is part of our School's Deeper Learning Theory Program and also promotes the development of Global Competencies and is supported by an Action Research Project with the University of New Brunswick and The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development led by Mrs. Raworth, Mr. Murphy and Mme. Gautreau.

The format will be a showcase style fair, where students from multiple classrooms will be displaying, selling, and promoting their work.  You are invited to attend the fair, and view all of the fantastic work your child, and others, have completed.

The fair will be held in the gymnasium on Thursday, June 7th, from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Funds raised from student products being sold, will be held in an account at the school, and students will be empowered to make a decision on where the funds will be spent (charitable organization in the community, global initiative, etc.)

We are hoping you will be able to attend this amazing event that promotes global awareness, and making a difference!

May 30
May Day For Grade 8's Reminders
Good Evening Parents,

This is a reminder that tomorrow, May 31st is the May Day Transition Day for our Grade 8 students.  Please remember that students who are participating in all events are to be picked up by their parents at Bernice MacNaughton High School at 8:15pm.

Have a good evening!

May 30
Alternate Conveyance Forms For 2018-19
Good Morning Parents,

To insure that you have access to alternate conveyance arrangements for your child for the 2018-19 Academic Year, we are requesting that you complete and submit the attached form as soon as possible so that we can process it and forward it to our Transportation Department prior to the end of the 2017-18 School Year.  If you have any questions, please contact the school and we will do our best to support your questions.

Have a great day!

May 23
Grade 7 Immunizations
Dear Parent / Guardian,

SUBJECT:   Reminder - Vaccination clinic for the last dose of the HPV vaccine
                     for grade 7 students

The immunization clinic will be held at school on May 30 for the last dose of the vaccine against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) for grade 7 students.

On the day of the clinic, make sure your child:
• has breakfast;
• wears a short sleeved shirt.

If your child is absent the day of the vaccination clinic, you can contact your local Public Health office to make an appointment for another date at 856-2401.
Thank you for your cooperation.

May 22
Bessborough Night of the Arts Wednesday 5:30pm
Don't forget, Bessborough Night of the Arts is Wednesday, May 23rd, starting at 5:30pm with a viewing of student created Art throughout the school.  At 6pm, our musicians will take the stage featuring performances from our choir, jazz band and other student musicians.  At 6:45, the stage will be transformed to showcase our student actors and actresses as they present Roald Dahl's "George's Marvelous Medicine."  Admission is free; however, donations to support Art, Music and Drama program are greatly appreciated.  If you want to recognize your child's Art work, golden Bessborough Bengal stickers will be available for $0.50 each that you can write a personalized message on and place on your child's art.

We look forward to seeing you there!

May 16
Spring Fling Tonight 5:30-8pm at Bessborough
Don’t forget, Bessborough Home & School Spring Fling tonight from 6-8 there will be carnival games, a book sale and giant inflatables. From 5-7:30pm there will be a pizza and hot dog BBQ. All proceeds support Bessborough Home & School Projects and Programs. See you tonight!

May 16
Welcome To Bessborough From Our Home & School
Good Afternoon Pre-K Parents,

The Bessborough Home & School Association would like to welcome you to the Bessborough School family by offering your child a free $10 punch pass for our Spring Fling, tonight at 5pm.  To pick up your free punch pass, please go to the desk in the main lobby and see the event coordinators.

Your punch pass allows you to participate in a variety of carnival games, activities, bouncy castles and other fun activities.

The event starts tonight at 5pm and we hope to see you there!

May 16
Thursday May 17th Student 1/2 Day of School
Good Afternoon Parents,

This email is a reminder that Thursday, May 17th is a 1/2 day of school for students.  Staff will be involved in Professional Learning in the afternoon.

Kindergarten to Grade 2 students will be dismissed as walkers at 11:30am and Kindergarten to Grade 2 Bus Students will be dismissed at 11:30am as well.

At 11:40am, all Grade 3-8 Walking Students, or students being picked up by parents will be dismissed.

Busses for Grade 3-8 students will leave Bessborough at approximately 12:00pm.

May 14
Vito's Lasagna Pick Up Dates
Good Evening Parents,

Please read below for the pick-up dates for the Vito's Lasagna Fundraiser.  The fundraiser was a huge success with over 1000 lasagnas sold.  The lasagnas are made fresh each day and picked up each afternoon for distribution.  The pick up time is between 4 and 5pm at the school cafeteria.  The parking lot door will be unlocked for you to enter the school.  The lasagnas are prepared fresh each day and as such a staged delivery of 180 lasagnas per day will be done per the dates below.  Please remember to pick up your orders on the dates listed below as we have limited refrigeration space at the school to hold orders.

Tuesday, May 15th
6 Gautreau, 6 Raworth, 5/6 Leger, 5 Ross, 5 Poirier-LeBlanc, 4 Chalifoux, 4 Carter, 3 Comeau, 3 Michaud, 2 Foreman, 1/2 Poirier (Hatchard), & 1 St. Pierre

Wednesday, May 16th
8 Roberts, 8 Belliveau, 7/8 LeBlanc, 7 Small-Coffee, & 7 Murphy

Tuesday, May 22nd
4 Landry & 1 Patt

Wednesday, May 23rd
2 Campbell, 1 Smith, K Mitton, & K Ramsay

Thursday, May 24th
2 Belliveau/MacBeth & Staff Orders

Thank you for your support!

May 14
Spring Fling This Wednesday at Bessborough
Spring Fling is Wednesday, May 16th. 

Our picnic with pizza and hotdogs begins at 5pm and runs until 7:30PM.  Games in the gym will be from 6-8PM.

We will have giant inflatables, fun games, a bake sale, a book sale and an amazing prize table!

Ticket for the event are $10 and can be purchased online at school cash online or by sending money with your student to homeroom teacher.

We are in need of several volunteers to run this event and are also looking for book donations and baked goods for our bake sale.  If you can help out, please contact Christie at

Hope to see you there!

Spring Fling Committee

May 03
Town Hall Meeting Tonight at 6:30pm
Good Evening Parents,

This is a reminder of the Town Hall Meeting in the Gymnasium at Bessborough School tonight at 6:30pm to discuss the process of the design and build of the new school announced for the West End to replace Bessborough and Hillcrest Schools. 

All community members, parents, alumni and future parents are encouraged to attend.

May 02
Grade 8 Trip Updates
Good Afternoon Parents,

We have finalized the arrangements for our annual Grade 8 trip.  Grade 8 students will be required to attend a meeting on Monday at lunch hour, and a parent meeting will be held on May 15th at 6pm in the Legacy Center.  Parents are required to attend the meeting for their child to be eligible for the trip.
The cost of the trip is $230 per student and includes all meals, activities and bussing to Mount Allison University and Camp Wildwood.  Students leave Bessborough on Tuesday, June 12th at 9am and travel to Mount Allison University.  They spend the day on campus doing a variety of guided activities, eat meals at meal hall and have access to the Athletic Center.  Students spend the night in residence and depart for Camp Wildwood at approximately 11am on the 13th to go to Camp Wildwood for two nights, leaving Camp Wildwood to return to Bessborough on Friday, June 15th at noon.

Payments will be set up on School Cash Online effective Monday, May 7th.

May 02
Home & School Movie Night Friday from 6-8:30pm
In recognition of May 4th, "May the Fourth Be With You," Bessborough Home & School will be hosting a movie night at Bessborough in the gym from 6-8:30pm on Friday of this week.  We will be showing "Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the big screen.  Admission is $3 per person or $10 per family.  Snacks will be sold including popcorn and water for $1 each.

Doors open at 5:30pm.  Students must be accompanied by an adult and you are encouraged to bring pillows, blankets or camping chairs for your comfort.

This is a community event, please spread the word to neighbours and co-workers, all are welcome!

May 02
Town Hall Meeting Thursday, May 3, 2018, 6:30pm

Thursday, May 3, 2018, 6:30pm - Bessborough School Gym

Dear School Families and Community Members,

As you are aware, in February 2018, Minister Cathy Rogers announced a new West End School as recommended by the Anglophone East District Education Council (DEC). This school will serve as the new home for both Bessborough and Hillcrest School when the building is complete.

In Spring of 2017, 150 Bessborough families responded to a survey indicating their preference that the replacement school be built on site. A Building Committee – made up of parents of current and future Bessborough students, is advocating for this on behalf of parents. The Committee, with the approval of the Bessborough School PSSC, is hosting a discussion for parents and interested community members.

The Honorable Cathy Rogers, Minister of Finance and area MLA will be in attendance, as well as Norval McConnell, our elected official from the DEC. Other attendees will include Nick Mattatall, Principal, Bessborough School, and members of your Building Committee and Parent School Support Committee (PSSC).

An invitation has also been extended to the Hillcrest School Community.

This evening is an opportunity to share recent information from the Department of Education regarding the site selection process and for the Building Committee to identify your concerns and gather information, to share with elected officials and those involved in the site selection process.

We welcome and encourage your involvement.

Bessborough School PSSC
Bessborough School Building Committee

May 01
Lifetouch Spring Picture Packages
Dear Parents,

Each spring, Lifetouch Photography comes to Bessborough School to take spring photos of our students.  To showcase their products, Lifetouch creates a sample of your child’s photo printed in a variety of formats for your review.
There is no obligation to purchase the package, and you can choose what items you want if any and submit payment for those items.
If you choose not to purchase items from the package, we ask that you return the package on, or before May 7th.
If you would prefer not to have the sample package sent home with your child, please return this notice with your signature to your child’s homeroom teacher by Thursday, May 3rd.  Packages will be sent home with students who do not return the form declining the packages.

April 25
Grade 8 Prom Organizational Meeting
The prom is right around the corner! The tentative date is Wed, June 20th. The first step in the process is deciding on a theme. The first meeting will be on Tuesday, May 8th , at the Prom Chair's home,  at 7:30pm, and we will quickly throw some ideas around and make the big decision. All parents, any grade, are welcome to help organize this memorable event for the kids – with the grade 7 parents being most encouraged to participate. Please contact Katelyn Montgomery if you are interested in attending and she will give directions:


April 24
Lasagna Orders Due Wednesday
Good Evening Parents,

This email is a reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday, April 25th is the deadline to submit orders for the Vito's Lasagna Fundraiser.  For $20 you get 3 Seven Inch Lasagnas.

If you have misplaced your order form, please use the attached document.

Have a good evening!

April 23
Grade 8 Grad Hoodies
Good Morning Parents,

We are currently collecting orders for our annual Grade 8 Grad Hoodies.  The hoodies are black with a white school logo on the left chest and a composite of the Grade 8 names on the back.  Hoodies are $20 each and orders are due by Friday of this week.  Samples for sizing will be available on Wednesday of this week.  The order will be active on School Cash Online until Thursday at midnight.

April 21
Plastic Grab Bag Challenge Deadline Monday
Hello Bessborough Families,

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication towards collecting plastic bags. The final day to bring in your bags is Monday, April 23rd. To date, we have collected almost 19 000 bags!

From there we will recycle these plastic bags and make them into all-purpose mats. Keep an eye out for upcoming emails with further details.

Thanks you again for your help!

Hannah Chalifoux
Grade Four Teacher
Bessborough School

April 17
New School/Building Committee Meeting Wednesday
Good Morning Parents,

There will be a New School/Building Committee Meeting Wednesday, April 18th at 5:30pm in the Legacy Center (Library) at Bessborough School.  All parents of current and pre-kindergarten students are invited to attend.

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