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December 20
Reach for the Top Gift Card Raffle Winners!

The winners of the Reach for the Top gift card raffle were:

Olivia Kikkert and Moses Tong.


Thank you to Chloe MacDonald for being our impartial drawer of winning tickets, and thanks to parents for donations and to all who bought tickets. 

Congratulations to our winners. 

November 28
letter for Pertussis

November 28, 2019

Dear parents/guardians,


This letter is to inform you that we have discovered through Public Health that we have had a case of pertussis (Whooping Cough) diagnosed at BMHS.

Public Health is looking into the situation. In situations where more cases have been confirmed, it has been Public Health’s practice to provide parents with additional information.

Pertussis is highly contagious. It can cause a severe cough that can last for months, but for infants under 1 year of age the disease can be deadly. For your information, we are enclosing a Fact Sheet on Pertussis.

 If your child develops, symptoms like those described in the fact sheet, please see your family physician or an after-hours clinic and inform him/her that your child may have come in contact with whooping cough.  Whooping cough is spread by coughing or contact with saliva and may cause severe disease in a young child.

If your physician suspects that your child has whooping cough, appropriate testing should be done to confirm the diagnosis. A positive result will allow Public Health to do further follow up to protect others who may be at risk for this disease.

According to Public Health’s guidelines, those infected with Pertussis should stay home from school until 5 days from the start of treatment or if no treatment is given until 3 weeks since the onset of cough or until the end of cough, whichever occurs first.

 If you have any questions, please contact your family physician or Public Health at 856-3220. 


November 20
Letter about Tuberculosis

November 20, 2019




Dear students, parents and guardians,


Public health has recently informed us of a case of tuberculosis in a member of the school community.  This letter will provide you with additional information on this disease and the next steps in their investigation.


Tuberculosis is an infection of the lungs (type of pneumonia) which can be spread from one person to another when an individual is sick and coughing.  Fortunately, tuberculosis is usually not very contagious, unlike many other infections such as pertussis, the common cold or influenza.  It cannot be spread by handshakes, hugs, touching tables or door knobs.  Tuberculosis is an infection that is treatable with antibiotics.


Public health is involved and conducts these types of investigations.  They are currently collecting additional information that will help them make decisions on the details of the investigation that will be required.  Therefore, they will be providing more details in the coming weeks.  


We will be holding a parent information session at the school on Monday, November 25th at 6:30 PM, in the school auditorium.  This will be led by the Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Yves Leger, who will provide you with further information and answer any questions you may have.


Should you have any additional questions, you may contact us at 856-3469. Should you have questions specific to this disease and/or the investigation, these will be addressed at the parent information session. Alternatively, you may also contact a member of Public health’s communicable disease team at 856-2581 or by email at


We have posted a fact sheet provided by Public health about Tuberculosis on our website and on the back of this letter that will provide you with additional information on this disease. 


Thank you.​

June 04
Why Support International Education?

Cultural Diversity- Currently, students from 17 countries have been accepted into our New Brunswick International Student Programme. These students enrich the culture of the schools and communities in which they live. 

Economic benefits-Research indicates that every full time student contributes 25,000 dollars to the community. This year Anglophone East hosted 193 full time students, resulting in a 4.8 million dollar benefit to our economy.

Relationship Building- A key to a successful international experience is establishing strong bonds with family and peers. As a result of these positive relationships, more and more students are considering NB as a place to live.

Ways to support International Education

Become a Host Family- Opportunities exist to host students in grades 6-12, for varying lengths of time. Financial compensation is paid to homestay families.

Become a Respite Provider- Opportunities exist to provide weekend or holiday homestay for students when their host families are away. Financial compensation is paid for respite care.

Become a Volunteer - Share your expertise and passion with international students. Offer to teach a skill or lead a group in an activity that will enrich an international student's experience!

Who to Contact

Pam Sheridan


April 09

​Our teams did amazingly well. We finished first and second in the province. As for the "Atlantics" we finished first and third. Our top team will be going to nationals in May.

April 09

Both BMHS Reach for Top teams took silver medals at this weekend's tournament. Teams came from all over the province. Winning players were:, Mark Finnamore, Abby Hackett,  James Cogswell, and Quang Nguyen on the senior team. On the intermediate team were: Mathilda Ott, Sarina Kleff, Harry Nguyen, Catherine Minnaar, and Handsome Zheng.​ 

February 24
Varsity Boys Basketball  - NB Champions

​Congratulations to the Varsity Boys Basketball for bringing the Provincial Banner to BMHS.

October 04
Guidance Presentation Oct 11 - Preparing for Post-Secondary

On October 11th, beginning at 6:30PM in the BMHS theatre, the guidance department will be hosting a presentation on helping students prepare for their post-secondary education. The hour long presentation will focus on areas such as a review of graduation requirements, post-secondary options and applying, ordering transcripts, scholarships, and online resources students can use to help them with their post-secondary planning.