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September 03
Talk Mail - September 3rd


We look forward to welcoming our students next week as schools re-open.

Here are a few details to help with start-up week:


·         Each family is responsible for screening their child prior to sending them to school each day.

·         Go to GNB.CA/CORONAVIRUS for specific details.

·         Ensure your child has a mask before sending them to school.


·         The BMHS Operational Plan is currently available on our school website:




·         TUESDAY, Sept 8th            GROUP A: Grades 9 & 12 ONLY

·         WEDNESDAY, Sept. 9th    GROUP B: Grades 9 & 12 ONLY

·         THURSDAY, Sept. 10th     GROUP A: Grades 10 & 11 ONLY

·         FRIDAY, Sept. 11th             GROUP B: Grades 10 & 11 ONLY

GROUP A  - students with last names “Abdelsalam – Laxton”

GROUP B – students with last names “Le – Zou”

·         At the moment, no request to switch groups will be deemed possible due to balancing each group.

·         When students arrive at school on their first day, they will check the grade lists posted in the hallways to locate their homeroom class. 

·         Parents/Guardians will not be permitted to enter the building with their child.  If your child needs assistance, please connect with a teacher on duty outside.

·         We will ask all students to proceed to their Homeroom class upon arrival.

·         The warning bell to start class rings at 8:43am daily.


·         Buses are the only vehicles permitted to drive to the front of the school.  Starting tomorrow (sept. 4th) you can get bussing information following the link:

·         All bus students will enter the front of the school by grade level:

o   Grades 9 & 10 will use the main front doors

o   Grades 11&12 will use the second front door near the garden.  There will be signs posted.

·         Parent/Guardian drop off zone is located at the side of the school.  Drive straight after the 3 way stop and you will see signs for 2 parent drop off zones.   There are 2 entrances on the side of the building that students may enter.

·         Students driving themselves to school will be required to fill out a BMHS parking pass information sheet and park in the rear of the school which is designated as student parking. They will enter through the back right door which is the wood shop hallway.

ARRIVAL (after the first week of school)

·         Students arriving between 7:45 and 8:25am will be asked to take a seat in the cafeteria to maintain social distancing until classrooms are opened.  We ask for parental/guardian support to drop off your child after 8:25am if possible, to reduce our numbers prior to classes beginning.

·         At 8:25am all classrooms will be open to receive students.  A bell will ring to signal students to proceed to their period 1 class as no loitering is permitted in the hallways after this time. 

·         Classes begin at 8:45am daily.



·         All students will report to their Homeroom class on the first day to receive their student schedule and receive their locker information. 

·         Students will also receive a letter for the parent portal access.  Please follow these steps to set up your account for access to your child’s schedule, grades, attendance etc. throughout the school year.

·         The Homeroom teacher will be the main point of contact for students and parents with questions.



·         All students must wear a face mask to ride the bus, enter BMHS and in any common area.

·         Masks with the BMHS logo be available for sale at the school store during the second week of school.

·         Students are required to obey the social distancing measures as per the school operational plan.



·         The Cafeteria will only be open for services beginning September 14th.

·         Students should pack a lunch, they will not have access to microwaves.

·         There will be limited seating in the cafeteria.  Students may also eat outside on our grounds area, or in classrooms while respecting social distancing measures.

·         Grade 9 students have a closed campus so they are not permitted to leave the school grounds during the day.


·         School ends at 3:30 daily.

·         Students will be dismissed by grade level to reduce congestion in the hallways.

·         Gr 9 & 12 will be dismissed first, and Gr 10 & 11 will be dismissed 3 minutes later.

·         Bus students will exit the building using their designated grade level doors.

·         Students being picked up will exit to the nearest side door from their 5th period class or the back doorways if you arrange this location with your child.

·         Parents are asked to stay in their vehicle for pick up from the side exits or back exit.