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September 21
Talk Mail 21st September, 2020 - Laptop Subsidy Program

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have received the first shipment of laptop ordered through the government subsidy program. We are starting to distribute laptops at the end of the day to the group B students. Tomorrow we will distribute the laptops to the group A students.

We recommend that the students open the box once they get home and keep the box for warranty reasons, if they encounter a problem with the laptop.

·         Once the student has received a new computer, it is considered their property. If they are having an issue with their device, they can request a loaner device, but the school is not responsible for fixing their broken computer. This is a conversation between the student and the vendor (IMP Solutions).

·         Students can call 1-800-387-5757 to speak with the vendor directly or through website

We appreciate your cooperation,