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June 16
Talk Mail - June 15th, 2017




This is a message for all parents of grade 11 students.  The school year is coming to a close and with it comes preparation for many end of year events, including graduation.  Each year, the graduation ceremony is always followed by a reception for the graduates and their families, and it is traditionally organized by the grade 11 class.  In order to provide refreshments and food for this reception, the parents of grade 11 students are kindly asked to make a monetary donation to help cover expenses.  It is completely voluntary, with a suggested amount of $20, though any donation would be greatly appreciated.  The donation can be paid online through school cash, or brought to the school office. Thank you.

Graduating students will receive their tickets for graduation on Friday, June 16th at their rehearsal which begins at 11:30am.


Grads can pick up their graduation gown on Tuesday, June 20th between 9 and 11am in ROOM 110. A $20 cash deposit is required.   They can also drop of their change of clothes for Safe Grad at the same time.


Prom will be held the evening of June 20th from 8pm - 11:30pm at Royal Oaks Golf Clubhouse.  Safe Grad will be held immediately following at the school.  Students will be shuttled by a bus from Royal Oaks to the school.  Students are not permitted to drive their car from Royal Oaks to the school.


Students have a mandatory grad practice on Thursday, June 22nd 8:45 am at the Moncton Wesleyan.


Thursday, June 22nd is the Graduation ceremony, beginning at 7pm at the Wesleyan Celebration Center.  Students are to report to the Wesleyan for 6:30 pm.


Report cards will be given out on Friday, June 23rd from 9-11am from the homeroom teacher.  If you are not able to make this time, please provide your homeroom teacher with a self-addressed stamped envelope. 

Atlantic Education International is affiliated with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. One of its mandates is to offer an English language immersion experience in a public school setting to students around the world. Currently, we are receiving applications from students aged 11-18, from Brazil, Columbia, China, Germany, Mexico, Spain, and Turkey. An international visiting student pays tuition to attend school and pays a stipend to stay in the home of a host family. Host families are asked to provide a safe, clean home with a private bedroom for the visiting student, access to the internet, three nutritious meals a day and access to a school bus route. Finally, host families are asked to invite students into their homes and treat them as family!  If interested, please contact :


Pam Sheridan: 506-381-8243 or Pam.Sheridan


June 23rd, busing is for a half day only.  Buses will arrive at the school at 1pm for departure.


Please view the school website for Summer School Information.


Thank you and have a wonderful summer!