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January 10
January 10, 2018

Today is Wednesday, January 10, 2018 and this is Mrs. Godfrey with a few messages from Caledonia Regional.  

This weekend is shaping up to be a great weekend of basketball at Caledonia.  Our senior boys play at noon on Friday and our senior girls play at 1:45.  Students may purchase a get out of class pass for $3. The pass is good for all games held during the day on Friday. 12 games will be played involving 8 teams over the 2 days. 

Speaking about basketball, we are looking for a coach for our Middle School Boys Basketball team.  If you are able to volunteer in this capacity, please contact Mr. Boyce.  

The Caledonia high school exam schedule is available on our school website.  The week runs from Monday, January 22nd through Friday, January 26th.  All high school classes have a designated two hour block for assessment and evaluation purposes that week.  High School students may leave following their assessment / evaluation block at 11 am each day.  Some teachers will be available in the afternoons for pre-arranged extra help sessions.  The Learning Center will also be available for those students remaining at school in the afternoon.   High School turnaround days are scheduled for Monday, January 29th and Tuesday, January 30th with the first day of second semester scheduled for Wednesday, January 31st. 

Have a wonderful evening.