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Message from the Principal

Each year we look forward to exciting new possibilities! It is an honour for me to be the Principal of Edith Cavell School. We have a highly qualified staff dedicated to developing a community of learners achieving their full potential.  We want to meet each child's needs and provide them with the best education-- always within a caring environment.
Parents and guardians play an important role in helping their child become a successful learner. Achieving personal success and personal growth is our Mission at Edith Cavell School. We want to work together with parents and our community to achieve all that we can achieve! As a parent or guardian, please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions or are looking for opportunities to assist in your child's education.
It is our expectation that both teachers and students are always trying to improve. We want to work with families to create the best experience for their child and to never lose the wonderful community that has been established at Edith Cavell. Please feel free to drop by my office. My door is always open, and your feedback is truly appreciated.
We are looking forward to a great year full of wonderful learning opportunities.
Yours in education,
Ms. Donna Arsenault​