School Staff Directory

Mrs. Jennifer Aikman-SmithTeacher
Middle school Art and ELA
Mrs. Rheanna AitonEducational Assistant
Mrs. Natalie AlbertEducational Assistant
Mrs. Susan AllainTeacher
Grade 1 French Immersion
Ms. Christine AubeTeacher
7-8 French Immersion
Mme Janie BelliveauTeacher
grade 7 Late Immersion
Mrs. Lynn BertrandTeacher
Grade 3 Immersion
Mrs. Barb BosAdministrative Assistant
Mme Lise Bourque-SuretteTeacher
Grade 3 Immersion
Mrs. Bobbi BrowneTeacher
Physical Education
Mrs. Tanya BrussardTeacher
Grade 6
Mrs. Lori Ann BurnsTeacher
grade 1
Mme Danielle CaissieTeacher
Grade 4 / 5 French Immersion
Mrs. Tracey CarterTeacher
grade 7-8 Math
Mrs. Lana CarverTeacher
Grade 2
Mr. Kevin ChambersResource Teacher
Mrs. Lisa ConlinEducational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Mr. Pierre-Luc CoolTeacher
Grade 7 Immersion
Mme Francine/ Julie Cormier/ValeTeacher
Gr. 3 Immersion
Mrs. Rebecca DoucetteTeacher
Grade 3
Mrs. Barbara DrydenTeacher
Gr. 4/5 Intensive French
Mrs. Angela FlynnTeacher
Mrs. Christie FowlerResource Teacher
Mrs. Shelagh FowlerGuidance Counsellor
Guidance 5-8
Mrs. Donna GagnonTeacher
Grade 4 French Immersion
Mme Stephanie GauvinTeacher
Grade 3 Immersion
Mme Jessica/Donna Girouard/ GagnonTeacher
grade 4 Immersion
Mme Stephanie GouldTeacher
Grade 7 and 8  French Immersion
Mrs. Heather GuptillTeacher
Grade 2
Mrs. Mirielle Hachey-BaillieEducational Assistant
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