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March 01
Second Mental  Health Symposium for Parents

There will be a second Mental Health Symposium for our family of schools (BMHS, Bessborough, Hillcrest and EPS). This presentation will take place at EPS starting at 6:30. Our two guest speakers will be speaking on the following:

  • Sleep and its Connection to Resiliency

Resiliency, strong mental health and its connection to sleep.  Children, especially teens are at an important stage of their growth and development, and because of this, they need more sleep than adults.  Come learn the science behind the importance of a good night’s sleep and strategies you can use to help your child sleep soundly. 


  • Mindfulness

If you are curious to learn more about ‘mindfulness’ – this session is for you!  We will explore how mindfulness teaches us to notice when we are experiencing emotions and feelings. To stop and watch how we feel in our mind and in our body, and, how to react differently than we may have in the past.  We will discuss how mindfulness can help people of all ages and the science of how it affects our learning. We will even practice experiential moments of mindfulness!