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May 01
Public Health Tips - See attached for details

Public Health Tips May 2017.docxPublic Health Tips May 2017.docx

Physical and mental health is fundamentally linked.

Help kids enjoy their way to a healthier lifestyle!

Habits formed early can last a lifetime.


Children and adolescents should accumulate at least one hour of medium to intense physical activity daily. More is even better!

Here are some tips to help kids get active:

·       Encourage walking to school and getting active as a family

·       Get them to skateboard, bike, walk or run instead of getting a ride

·       Ask them to walk the dog

·       Encourage them to do something they enjoy - run, jump, swim, skateboard, play tag

·       Have them rake the leaves or carry the groceries

·       Replace computer and TV time with something active

·       Have them set physical activity goals with friends and family to help with motivation


Health Benefits:

·       Opportunities for socializing

·       Improved fitness

·       Increased concentration

·       Better academic scores

·       Stronger heart, bones and healthier muscles

·       Healthy growth and development

·       Improved self-esteem

·       Better posture and balance

·       Lower stress

Did you know

Being active at home or at school will help kids have more energy, feel healthy and strong.  This will help them feel good about themselves!



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