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November 29
Popcorn orders tomorrow and other items to note - Nov, 29/16

Hello Frank L. Bowser Families,

Thank you to all those who attended parent teacher meetings last week. This is a three-way relationship between you, your child and their teacher and by working together positively we can help your child achieve their full potential. The teachers consider themselves very fortunate to have such supportive parents.

Remember to bring your Looney for popcorn tomorrow.  If you are purchasing popcorn you will need your Looney to place your order tomorrow and the popcorn will be served on Thursday.

Also, tomorrow at 6:00pm is the deadline to order Chicken Pies. This is a Grade 5 fundraiser in support of their yearend trip to Camp Wildwood. Orders can be placed using the school cash online payment system. The Grade 5 students thank you in advance for your support.

Please be on the look-out for the second Santa's Gift Mart notice that will be going home tomorrow. If you are able to volunteer for this event please complete and return the bottom portion of the notice. Thank you to those who have already sent in items for the sale. Your generosity is what makes this such a successful Christmas shopping experience for our students.

Thank you and have a great evening.

Mrs. Goobie and Mme Cormier​