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October 12
Pick up and drop off change

Good Afternoon from Frank L. Bowser School!

We are very excited to announce that our new bus and drop off loops are ready for use off of Pine Glen Road.   This new outdoor area allows us to ensure the safety of all of our student and parent community while travelling two and from school in a controlled and monitored traffic environment.  We will be changing our supervision schedule starting Monday October 16th.  Starting on Monday we ask that you no longer pick up or drop off students on Cleveland Avenue.  All student transportation to and from school should be using the new loops off of Pine Glen to ensure the supervision and safety of all of our students. 

Walking students are now welcome to be using the sidewalks along the loops if they are travelling from Pine Glen Road and are encouraged to use the crosswalk with the Crosswalk Guards to cross Pine Glen on the corner of Pine Glen and Devere Road or the crosswalk on the corner of Pine Glen and Berkley Drive.  The Cross Walk Guard will continue to be on Cleveland Ave.

Busing will be changing their routine on Wednesday October 18th in order to avoid congestion during the first few transitional days.

Please help us change our drop off and pick up culture here at Frank L. Bowser School by following the request to stop dropping off on Cleveland Avenue at the start of next week.