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December 15
Good afternoon from Frank L. Bowser School

Good afternoon from Frank L. Bowser School

Please note that regardless of the temperature outside we ask that all students are dropped off using our bus loops off of Pine Glen Road in the morning.  We no longer have any supervision on Cleveland Ave and in order to ensure the safety of all students we ask that everyone is dropped off at the same location.

Our Chicken Pies will be coming home with students who have ordered them on Monday.  Enjoy this easy meal and thank you so much for your support of the Grade Five end of year trip.

We have many Frank L. Bowser extended families waiting to hear if we can accommodate their request for extra Christmas Concert tickets.  Please send in any concert tickets that you will not be using before next Tuesday in order to allow us to redistribute them to those who have requested them.  Thanks so much for doing so during this busy time of year.

Have a wonderful weekend!