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March 03
H&S March

Havelock Home & School Minutes - Meeting Date: Feb 28/17 @ 7pm

In Attendance: Trina Perkins, Marsha McQuinn, Alison Harvey, Rhonda MacLeod, Andrea Sherwood, Shannon Roy, Mr. Doyle and myself (Jill Killam)

Minutes read from the last meeting of Jan 31/17


Treasurer`s Report 

Opening Bal for Jan is                                                               $5394.37


Closing Bal for Jan is                                                                $5394.37

(Bank Member Fee held at Bank)                                               $250.00



There were no transactions for the month of January



Principal's Report


Environmental -drama presentation by the "Calithumpians" was excellent. Kids enjoyed it.

Grade 4&5 - Monton Wildcats trip scheduled for March 15

Grade 2&3 - Moncton Miracles trip scheduled for March 27 - kids will sing the national anthem.

Thursday, March 23 - Welcome to Kindergarten (already 13 registered)

Thursday, April 6 - Parent-Teacher (After School & Evening)

Friday, April 7  Parent-Teacher in AM.


Old Business


During Teacher's Appreciation week, teachers and assistants were presented with a fruit/veggie tray, K-cups and bathbombs, cupcakes and Chapter's gift cards.


Pizza Fundraiser - sold 215 pizzas raising $1075 for the Home & School

Thanks So Much to all who supported this fundraiser.

Pizza Tickets will be given out prior to March Break.

Congratulations to Mrs. Sweezy's kindergarten class sold the most pizzas winning a pizza party to be held after March Break.


Miracles game for Gr. 4&5s on Feb 26 was a fun time.


New Business


Basketball program tentative for Gr. 2-4


Dawn Holmes attended Havelock Homecoming meeting to discuss interest/ideas for the H&S to contribute to the July 1st Havelock Homecoming day. Ideas of having a canteen set up or a freezer selling freezies and treats was discussed.  Will put out e-mail to other members of the Home & School to request volunteers to help with this event.


RBC Volunteering - a donation of $1000 to Home & School may be available from RBC for the volunteering at any H&S event (is required to be held in month of June), the Ice-Cream social was mentioned as an event.



Next Meeting Scheduled for March 28 @ 6pm

(All are encouraged to attend)