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October 13
Home & School October 2017

Trina Perkins

Beth Perkins-Upshall

Mr. Doyle

Chelsey Hicks

Tilly Constantine

Lindsey Hicks

Jill Steeves Killam

Allison Lewis

Sammy Jo Steeves





Old Business:

                        Minutes from May 2017 were not available.


Treasurers Report:

Trina read May 2017 – Sept 2017, started with $6038.25 and ending opening balance in Sept 2017 was $5783.65. 

Oct – 2017 - $4205.  Balance covered the bus fees for end of year trips of $1518.60

Oct – 2017 – $4265.05 was the starting balance.

$1000.00 from RBC (going to basketball net installation)

$1000.00 from ice cream social???



Principals Report:

                                Home & School October 2017

Steading turnout for “Meet the Teacher Breakfast”, Saturday Sept 16

Melissa Steeves is our Methods & Resource teacher this year, as Juanita Cowan has joined the School District ISD team

Michelle Philipps-LeBlanc is our grade 4 homeroom teacher for the 2017-18 school year


Kindergarten registration will take place at your local school from October 10‑13 for children who will turn five by December 31, 2018 and who start school in September 2018

Kick-Off Thursday Nov. 09 @ 6:30 pm

Friday October 27 – We’re getting a visit from the coach and a few players from the Moncton Magic Basketball team

Tomorrow, Friday Oct. 06 the grades 3-5 visit the New Brunswick Legislature

Nov.6 & 7 Grade 5’s will be preparing take home dinners for the veteran’s/ families

Wed Nov 01 grades 1 & 2 visit to the Wetlands in Sackville

Thursday Nov 09 Grades 4 & 5 Wetlands in Sackville


New Business:


Membership for Home & School - $5.00, deadline is Dec 2017. We also discussed the importance of support and involvement. 


Discussed about the previous scholarship that went to Jacob Steeves who chose a different path of secondary education with made it unavailable for him to receive.  The second name chose last year was Emalee Leblanc.  Trina is going to contact her to let her know she will receive $250.00 – Trina made the motion and Sammy Jo 2nd for Emalee to be the recipient.


Bus Driver appreciation week Oct 16-20- Trina motioned to get 5 bus drivers from our school a $10 gift card from the Ridge Restaurant and Beth 2nd it.  Beth is also picking them up and delivering them to

Mr. Doyle.


Fundraising – there will not be the ADL cheese fundraiser or Killam’s Pizza fundraiser.

Tilly brought 2 different Agropur cheese fundraisers which she is gathering more info on.  The first one is 300 g blocks for $6 (we make $3) and second there is a Fine Cheese Basket $25, $35, $40 and we make $8, $9, $10. Small blocks have a shorter time delivery so we may do that one before Xmas. And do the basket for Easter time.


Trina brought forth a Fancy Pocket Bagel fundraiser with order forms completed to be put out right away.  3 bags for $10. They will be delivered the week of Nov 6.  We make $6.25 profit. This fundraiser will go for 2 weeks so need to be back Oct 23.  The top selling class will receive a pizza party and the top selling child will receive a gift bag of $50 of prizes which Trina is going to look after.


Sammy Jo is going to look into the Vito’s lasagna fundraiser.


Christmas Bazaar – Nov 19th, 12pm-5pm.  Tickets will be sold on a basket that will be made of up a donation from each artisan.



Election of Officers:


                        President – Trina Perkins

                        1st Vice President – Alyssa Thorne

                        2nd Vice President – Lindsey Hicks

                        Treasurer – Chelsey Hicks

                        Secretary – Sammy Jo Steeves




Next Home & School meeting will be Thursday November, 16, 2017 @ 7pm.​