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Welcome to Hillsborough Elementary School

                                                       JUNE 2020

June 12, 2020 - The New Brunswick Education Minister has announced a plan for September 2020. The plan includes all students k-5 returning to classes (full time) in September. Details have not yet been confirmed.

This announcement can be seen at:​

REPORT CARDS - Report cards will be mailed the week of June 15th.

Student Belongings - if you did not get your child's belongings at the pick up times in May, please call the school at 734-3700 to make arrangements.

Staff will be returning to work at the school beginning June 1st to finish year end tasks and to prepare for the new school year in September.  No decision has been made by the Minister of Education about September. 

If you need to come to the school for any reason, please call to make an appointment. There are safety guidelines that must be followed for anyone  entering the building.

Teachers will continue to communicate with families and provide home learning options until June 12th. Students will be receiving a final report card based on their achievement up until school closed. (Specific date for final report card to be announced.) 

Please see the messages from your child's teacher and support learning as much as you can.  Further down this page, there are some links to additional learning resources. 

Here is one we suggest for some outdoor activity now that the weather is no nice!




                                                                                       HOME LEARNING PLAN AT HES

All schools in New Brunswick are currently closed but home learning plans are in place for students. Teachers at Hillsborough Elementary school are supporting students and families. This is new for everyone and we appreciate your patience as plans evolve.

The Minister of Education introduced a plan for home learning. If possible, elementary students will spend approximately an hour a day engaged in learning activities. Parents are asked to play a key role in their child’s learning. It is understood that in our current circumstances, some families may not be able to support the suggestions given.

K-2 students will spend an average of an hour a day where possible, focused on literacy, numeracy, physical activity, and free play will also be a part of their mental health and skill development.

Grade 3-5 will spend an average of an hour a day where possible, focused on literacy, numeracy and science.  In addition, a half hour of reading and a half hour of physical activity is recommended.

Current Home Learning Plan at HES:

All teachers are communicating with families by email and/or phones calls.  Teachers are suggesting learning activities for their students.  They will communicate weekly about the activities.  Families are encouraged to participate and communicate with the teacher about how the students are doing.

Updates will be made by the teachers through emails and phone calls, not on the school website.

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, you can call the school and leave a message (734-3700). Messages will be checked daily.

Please note: We are not currently permitted to allow students or parents access to the school.  Our district and EECD are consulting with the Department of Health on how to allow students/parents to retrieve personal items. Families will be notified when more information becomes available.

Some resources:

Anglophone East Learning Site:

Math Dreambox:

Flora (French program):



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