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March 19
Course Selection Information

Here is a brief overview of the course selection process:


March 20th – Course fair.  Students in grades 10 and 11 will have a chance to peruse the course offerings at HTHS. 


March 23nd- Select teachers (grade 9 math, grade 10 math and grade 11 English teachers) will be showing a narrated PowerPoint to their classes which will guide them in the course selection process.  This will ensure that all students making a course selection for next year has the right information.


March 26th to the 29th- Guidance counselors will be visiting those same classes (Grade 9 math. Grade 10 math and grade 11 English) to provide guidance and support will the students chose classes.


Once all course selections are imputed (by guidance and admin.), the homeroom teachers will be receiving the course selection verification sheets to look over and distribute to homerooms students who will be able to make any final changes necessary.


Guidance will be open during WIN block, at lunch and after school to accommodate student requests for additional guidance in course selections during the week of the 26th.