Message from the Principal

January, 2017

Hello Parents and Guardians,

We now reflect on the many months since IPad use was begun in our school initially at Grades 5 - 6 and now at Grades 6 - 7. As you know our hope has been that more and more student owned IPad devices will eventually outnumber those purchased for us to begin our adventure known as My Device My Learning.  Sustaining an initiative such as this certainly depends on a partnership, where only a smaller number of equity devices are kept on hand at the school for students who cannot have their own. To date, most are owned by the school. 

The South Shore School District in Nova Scotia has inspired us here in our efforts to build the capacity of student owned devices.  There, close to 90% of IPads used by students are also owned by students. 

Teachers are amazed with the advantages that technologies like IPad bring to their teaching and how learning is made even more meaningful and personalized. Some of their thoughts will soon be available on our website. Please continue your support in this regard and consider a student-owned IPad or, allowing an already owned IPad to come to the school for his or her use. Through such a partnership our Grade 5 - 8 students will enjoy the continuation of IPad use in the classroom.


William Robinson, Principal