School Staff Directory

Mrs. Lisa BannisterTeacher
Grade 6 French Immersion Language Arts, Post-Intensive French and Social Studies.
Mrs. Darla BeaumontAdministrative Assistant
Mrs. Lynn BlandTeacher
Grade 5-8 Resource
Mr. Scott BourqueTeacher
Mr. Frank BrubacherTeacher
Pre-Calculus 12A
Pre-Calculus 12B
Physics 112
Science 10
Calculus 12
Physics 12
Math 12 Foundations
Pre-Calc 112
Mme Cindy CaissieTeacher
Grade 8: FILA
            Science Humaine
            Francais poste intensif
Mr. Chris CarterTeacher
Grade 8 ELA\Social Studies
Ms. Jocelyn CliffTeacher
Grade 7 and 8 Math and Science
Grade 7 ELA
Grade 7 Health
Mrs. Gail Coates-McCormickTeacher
Geometry, Measurement, and Finance 10
Financial & Workplace Math 12
Pre-Calculus 11
Mrs. Nicole FlanneryTeacher
Middle School French Immersion teacher
Mr. Jeremie GoguenTeacher
Grade 6/7 French Immersion
Social Studies
Post-Intensive French
Mrs. Lisa GoguenAdministrative Assistant
Mr. John HammondTeacher
Mrs. Caroline Humar-BarrettTeacher
Grade 5-12 Visual Arts
Mrs. Krista Ingraham-CôtéTeacher
5 Immersion, English to 5 Côté and 5 Melanson
Mr. Serge LangisTeacher
FI Social Studies 9
Law 120
Sociology 120
FI World Issues 120
Mr. Daniel LemayTeacher
Grade 10-11-12
Metals Processing
Internal Combustion Engine
Tune up and emissions
Mr. Jason LewisGuidance Counsellor
Guidance Counsellor for grade 8-12
Mrs. Heather Mac DonaldTeacher
5-8 PDCP
Mr. Christopher MartinTeacher
Ms. Laura McMullenTeacher
Music (all grades)
Theatre Arts 120
Media Studies 120 (second semester only)
Mme Deborah MelansonTeacher
Grade 5 FI
Ms. Laurie MoretonTeacher
Mrs. Diane O'BlenisGuidance Counsellor
School Counsellor for Grades 5-7
Mr. Matthew OgilvieVice-Principal (Acting)
English 112/3
Modern History 112
Canadian History 122
Mme Renée PoitrasTeacher
Grade 9 Math FI
Grade 9 Science FI
Grade 10 Science FI
Ms. Angelique RossMath Mentor
Mrs. Kelly RothResource Teacher
Resource 9-12
Hospitality & Tourism 110
Mr. Steve SpencerTeacher
9 Social Studies
10 Social Studies
11 Graphic Art and Design
12 Digital Production
12 Information Technology
12 Co-Op Education
spencste@nbed.nb.caClass Websites (
Mr. Matt SteevesTeacher
9 Math
10 Math
112 Biology
122 Biology
112 Chemistry
122 Chemistry
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