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   Ipads in classrooms - what our teachers say:         

"In Math class, the iPads allow teachers to more easily deliver individualized lessons. Through an app, the students can then access the homework that has been assigned both in class and at home as well as the correction sheet to verify their work. A variety of mathematical applications also exist to keep the students interested and on task."

"In Science, students have access to a dictionary app to verify the definition of words that they do not understand.They can also use Google Documents to write project reports using the scientific method.  Multiple students at a time working on the same document receive live feedback and comments from the teacher on what they have written. Students can also create different project formats to communicate their learning (example: create an iMovie)."

"In Post-Intensive French, teachers can assign work using an application. Students can then write in this application and receive feedback from the teacher. It is also great to evaluate reading as students can record themselves read and then share this audio file with the teacher. The teacher then evaluates the students' individual reading after class when the teacher has more time. Different applications are available to the students so they can create a variety of engaging projects."

"This year, I have been fortunate enough to experience a one-to-one iPad ratio with my students.  As a result, I decided to launch my own YouTube channel where I post Math explanation videos.  So far there are nearly forty videos." 

"Having their own iPads, students are able to access these videos at any point and watch them as many times as needed.  This feature alone is a huge time saver.  In the past, once you taught a lesson at the board, that was it.  It would happen once and for students who needed to have the lesson explained again because they were absent, not paying attention, or experiencing difficulties, valuable teaching time was spent repeating the same lesson over and over again.  Now, students can watch the videos as needed which allows me to be able to monitor student understanding and progress more efficiently."  

"One of the best apps that we use daily is Showbie.  It allows me to post a video and give an assignment where students can work at their own pace and I can see exactly what they are working on at any given moment.  It also makes it very easy to collect the assignments and to give feedback much more quickly.  When correcting, instead of sorting through dozens of duo-tangs, I can simply open one app to find all my students’ work.  Also, lessons can be differentiated very easily and no one stands out, because they are all working on their device."

"For my students on PLPs, the iPad is a great device because it allows text to be read to the students.  Also, the speech to text feature allows these students to complete similar assignments and they feel proud of their accomplishments."

On a daily basis, my students have the opportunity to access information and do research that helps expand their horizons and has them thinking about their future.  As a teacher, it is wonderful to see the high levels of engagement and excitement when it comes to doing assignments on the iPads and then AirPlaying them for the class to see.

"For students who are finished their work early, I have enrichment folders on the iPad that they can peruse and complete.  Before, I would have to make sure activities were photocopied and ready to go.  Stop and explain what to do, etc.  On the fly, I have even had students take pictures of some problems I have challenged them to try and they can do all their work and write their answers on the picture.  The iPad makes it so easy and is a huge time saver." 

"The iPad has quickly become an invaluable tool that is used every day.  Creating lessons and videos becomes exciting and the students continue to be keen and embrace the technology.  Technology literacy is hugely important for our students and will only benefit them in the future!"

"My students have a computer lab at their fingertips; I have become a librarian of sorts. No, an actual librarian!  but not with the Dewey system."

"The very fact that we can swipe from one resource to another is not lost in my observations.  Answers can be accessed easily and creatively. And not just answers but innovative strategies. For example, compare our text resource in math to Mathigon from Cambridge University, MIT , YouCube from Stanford and Code ; where I have taught the order of operations surreptitiously through computer science language blocks from Berkeley University and  NCTM  : an incredible resource from the National Council of The Teachers of Mathematics where we can visualize  quickly and efficiently the equivalency of fractions, decimals and percentages. All free and no advertising!" 

"My imperative is to vet all these resources which is somewhat easy since it’s the latest brain science, pedagogy and aligned with curriculum requirements.   This is why I have become a librarian and a researcher of resources that best draw students to engage as active learners, stay on as active learners and team work onto quality products with keen insights and learn most of all on ‘how’ to learn independently in this environment. 

I am also looking for a maturing as it comes to digital literacy since we have given them the best to work with: they get an ongoing speech from me everyday: it’s sticking; they are not dropping them!"     

"I have seen students become mini teachers as never before, I can apply an inductive reasoning method to seek out information because of this cornucopia of valuable and dynamic delivery of information. We can’t go back."


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