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June 15
June Letter

Hello Lewisville families,


We would like to give you an update on the “last week of school” as it is very different this year!

The report cards will be distributed next week on a set schedule to ensure a safe and orderly process. At this time, we are asking for any overdue library books, team uniforms, technology, and other school items to be dropped off during your child’s report card time. The locker items that were not claimed previously are bagged with the student’s name(s).  We ask that you contact the homeroom teacher if you are planning to pick up the locker items so we can prepare accordingly.

Our Grade 8 Celebration video has been created! Staff put together a video to celebrate the grade 8 students and will be available to view Thursday, June 18th.

We will be celebrating students in our Grade 6 to 8 Student Recognition Video which highlights students receiving some awards this year. This will be available Tuesday, June 16th.

The yearbooks have arrived for those who ordered them! They will be distributed with the report card.

Report card pick up process:

How will grade 6 and 7 students receive the report cards? Drive Thru!  Please proceed from Highlandview and wait in your vehicle along the drop off zone sidewalk on MCauley Drive until you can safely proceed in your vehicle into the bus loading zone where staff will have the report card. The schedule is shown below by homeroom divided into last name time slots. It is important to arrive at the time indicated and remain in your vehicle during this process.

How will grade 8 students receive their report cards? Drive Thru! (by homeroom and designated times) Please proceed from Highlandview and wait in your vehicle along the sidewalk on McAuley until you can safely enter the bus loading zone. Please note that there will be a designated area at the gazebo for those who may want to take a Grad Photo. If you are interested in this, you would temporarily park along the sidewalk. We ask that only one family be at the gazebo at a time, while one other family waits for a picture opportunity, respecting physical distancing. Group photos of students will not be permitted. For those who only want to pick up the report card, safely proceed to the bus loading zone for the report card.

The schedule is as follows by grade, time, and letter of last name:

Wednesday, June 17

Grade 6

9:15am-10:00am  A-H

10:00am-10:45am I-P

10:45am-11:30am Q-Z


Grade 7

12:15pm-1:00pm A-H

1:00pm-1:45pm    I-P

1:45pm-2:30pm    Q-Z


Thursday, June 18

Grade 8 (by homeroom)

8A Ms. J Smith 9:15am-10:00am

8B Ms S Jardine 10:00 am-10:45 am

8C Mme Moreault 10:45am-11:30am

8D Mr. Thibault 12:30pm-1:15pm

8E Mme L Smith 1:15pm-2:00pm

8F Mme McGrath 2:00pm-2:45


We wish you all a safe and healthy summer,


Mr. Bourque and Mrs. Carson



April 30
Talk Mail of April 30

Dear Parents and Guardians,


This message is to inform you that during the week of May 04th you will have the opportunity to come to Lewisville Middle School and get your child’s belongings.  You will be receiving an email with the schedule on when you can come to the school.  We will also post the schedule on the LMS website.

Following Public Health requirements, it is imperative that you follow the schedule and that you only come to the school during your designated day and during the designated time based on your child’s last name. Students will be able to enter the school with only one parent or guardian.

Please bring a large bag or garbage bag to collect belongings. This will not be the time to sort through student items as that can be done at home.  Please treat this opportunity as an “in” and “out” type of trip in order to complete the process quickly, while also respecting public health protocols such as physical distancing.

Boxes will be set up at each exit point where you will be able to return any library books you may have.

The Public Health Guidelines must be followed during this process, so you must not enter the school if you have Covid 19 symptoms or are feeling ill,  if you have been in contact with anyone with Covid 19 or if you have travelled in the last 14 days.  Other protocols like physical distancing outside and inside the building, and hand sanitizing upon entering the building will also be required. The use of a community face mask is also recommended.





April 30
Talk Mail of April 30 Attachment

Plan for getting belongings:


When can I go to the school? 







6A- K.A. MacDonald

6B- Brooks

6C- Caissie

6D- Boudreau

6E- Leblanc

6F- Brown

7B- Bastarache

7C- T.Boudreau

7D- Langis

6/7E- K.L.MacDonald

7F- Jardine

7A- Young-Sowerby

8A- J.Smith

8B- S.Jardine

8C- Moreault

8D- Thibault

8F- McGrath


7/8E- L.Smith



What time can I go to the school?


9:00-9:30              Last Names A – F

9:45-10:15           Last Names G – L

10:30-11:00         Last Names M – R

11:15 – 11:45     Last Names S - Z


Follow the directional arrows:


Grade 6: (7A will use this door because their lockers are in this hallway)
Enter by the grade 6 door, middle door facing the bus loading zone.

Exit by the back door at the end of the grade 6 hallway.

Grade 7

Enter by the grade 7 door, far lower door facing the bus loading zone.

Exit by the back door at the end of the grade 7 hallway.

Grade 8

Enter by the main door

Exit by the back door at the end of the grade 8 hallway.


Maintain physical distancing while outside and waiting your turn to enter. 

Community Face Masks are encouraged.


Families with more than one child:

 Families with siblings at Lewisville.  If you would prefer to only come in once, we have reserved a time    on Friday.


Students will be able to enter with ONE parent.  Please do not touch anything except your own locker and belongings.  Please bring a large bag or garbage bag to collect belongings.  Students will sort “Keep” items from “garbage” items at HOME.  Please treat this opportunity as an in and out type of trip.



April 23
April 21, 2020

Hello parents and guardians,

We hope everyone is well and staying safe in these unprecedented times. As you are aware, our teaching role is certainly different with our “new normal” being at home, and as we continue to adjust to the distant learning model. Last week staff began to ask the students to log into Office.com and use their login id and their password from school to find Teams like they did in tech class. Many have already logged in! We will be using this platform to post work for the students moving forward as students and teachers can contact each other easily to support and guide learning. Students are encouraged to participate in the learning options which may still include the ones provided on the district and provincial websites. Your wellness is very important at this time and families are encouraged to participate in the learning options when possible.

Teachers have been making weekly contact with families. If you have not yet had contact with the teacher, please email the homeroom teacher with the best way to make contact. Our emails are on the school website. Students can also contact their teacher through Teams. Please keep in mind as well that phone calls from staff may also be appearing as “private caller”.

Grade 7 and 9 Vaccination Update by Public Health:

Due to school closures this spring, there are Grade 7 and 9 students who have not received their vaccines. For your information, here is the directive at this time:

· Grade 7 or 9 students who missed their vaccines and that the school clinic took place are scheduled as of July 2020 in our Public Health offices.

· Grade 7 or 9 students who have not received their vaccines because the clinic has not taken place (schools closed due to COVID-19), vaccination will be scheduled for the next school year 2020-2021. These students, who will be in grades 8 and 10, will be added to our usual school clinics (grades 7 and 9).

Please note that Public Health has expressed that due to the extraordinary situation we are living means that this plan can be modified.

Finally, we are also adding resources on the Lewisville Middle School website such as how to log into student accounts, as well as supports for student and family wellness.

Thank you for the support you are giving the teachers as they navigate through this time. We are learning together.

Stay safe and take care,

Mr. Bourque and Mrs. Carson

November 29
Auction and LMS Reminders

AUCTION - The FunRaising Commitee at Lewisville Middle School will be hosting its second annual STEAM silent auction between November 29 - December 1 – THIS WEEKEND!!!!

This event will help raise much needed funds to purchase at least 14 internet connection "drops" for the tech class within our middle school, valued $230 each ($3220 for 14). We are asking for your help in the form of bidding and purchasing items and sharing this auction!


Pick up for the auction items will be at Lewisville Middle School on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.


HOLIDAY DINNER FEAST on December 12th.  Pre-order your meal tickets!  Orders need to be in by the 10th.  Roast turkey dinner with all the fixings, dessert and drink for only $6.95.  Let your parents know!


TOY DRIVE – The holidays are fast approaching, as is Leadership’s annual TOY DRIVE.  For many children, this time of year usually means gifts, family and happiness.  Unfortunately, for some children that is not always the case.  To help put a smile on every child’s face, we are asking LMS families to donate toys, books, gift cards, games, etc…to our Santa sled.  Your generous donations will be accepted from now until December 13th.  These gifts will be given to boys and girls of various ages in hopes of bringing them some holiday cheer.  All donations will be given to Moncton’s Headstart Toyland.  Thank you for your support.​

October 22

Recipes in a Jar Fundraiser continues for one more week.  Remind your parents to shop at lewisvillemiddle.recipesinajar.ca.  Prizes will be drawn for each sale – take a look at prizes outside of Guidance door!​


October 18
Greco Pizza Fundraiser

The Fun Raising Committee is sending home a Greco Pizza Fundraiser. They are looking for your support in selling 5 Greco coupons per family if you wish to sell more then 5 it will help out the families that might not be able to participate. All order forms and payment are due back no later than Monday October 21st this is the day we will be picking up our coupons from Greco Pizza and they will be sent home with your child that week, a voice message will go home the day they are sent home.

We thank you for your continued support in helping make our school great for our children. 


June 20
LMS reminders
Good Afternoon LMS Families -

This will hopefully be my last talk mail for this year.

Water day is tomorrow and students are encouraged to bring a change of clothes to school.

There will be a BBQ, at noon.  Hamburgers and hot dogs will be sold at a cost of $1.  Students will need to bring something to drink and snacks.

The LOST and FOUND has been on display all week and will be packed up tomorrow morning.  If you would like to drop in and take a look, for a lost item, please do so.

Dismissal on Friday is 11:30.

Please contact the school with any questions.

Thank you

June 18
LMS year end reminders
Good Afternoon LMS Families -

The items from the lost and found have been displayed, on tables, in front of the library and parents are welcome to stop in and take a look.

The new parent committee will be having a BBQ on Thursday, at noon.  They will be selling hamburgers and hot dogs at a cost of $1 each.  We will take an interest tally on Wednesday.  Please let your child know if they will be taking part.

The cafeteria is now closed and students need to bring a lunch from home.  This includes utensils.

Dismissal on Friday is 11:30.

Please contact the school with any questions.

Thank you

June 17
LMS - last week of school
Good Evening LMS families -

Some information for the last week of school.
- Library books are now due.  Please check with your child to see if they owe a book or need to pay to cover the cost of a lost book.
- The breakfast program and cafeteria are now closed.  All students will need to bring a lunch.
- The grade 6 & 7 year end assembly is scheduled for Wednesday at 1:30.  Parents are welcome to attend.
- Water day is scheduled for Thursday (weather permitting).  The new parent committee will be hosting a bbq of hotdogs and hamburgers. 
- The grade 8 celebration is scheduled for Thursday at 6pm.  Parents are encouraged to attend this evening.
- All students will be dismissed on Friday at 11:30.

Please contact the school with any questions.

Thank you

June 13
LMS - Grade 6 & 7 dance
Good Afternoon Grade 6&7 Families -

A reminder that the grade 6 & 7 year end dance is taking place tomorrow, June 14th, from 6-8.  The cost is $5 and this is for Lewisville Middle students only.  No guests.

Thank you

June 07
LMS - Grade 6 trip
Good afternoon grade 6 families -

A reminder that all grade 6 students will be going on a co-curricular trip on Tuesday, June 12th.  Permission slips have been sent home and must be signed and returned.  Please ask your child about this permission slip.

Thank you

June 07
LMS - June 22nd dismissal
Good Afternoon LMS Families -

June 22nd, the last day of school, will he a half day for students.  All students will be dismissed at 11:30.

Thank you

June 05
LMS - grade 8 information
Good Afternoon Grade 8 Families -

Some important information about upcoming events:
- The grade 8 Quebec Trip will take place between June 15 and June 19th.  For students not involved in the trip, we will have regular classes.  If your child will not be attending during this time, please notify the school.
- Our year end celebration will take place on Thursday, June 21st, starting at 6.  Parents and guardians are invited to attend the promotion ceremony. 
- The year end dance will take place following the grade 8 promotion and parents and guardians are not invited to the dance.  The cost of the dance is $10 and guest passes are available, and must be approved, prior to the dance.  All guests must be in grade 7 or 8 and this includes Lewisville grade 7 students.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Thank you

May 28
LMS information
Good Afternoon LMS Families -

On Thursday, May 31st, we will be having our grade 5 scavenger hunt.  The parents on the fundraising committee will be hosting a bake sale during this event.  If you are interested in baking for this, the baked goods can be dropped off by noon on Thursday.  If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Murphy at 381-3573.  And a reminder that all baked goods must be peanut free.

Our Jump activity, in support of Jump Rope for Heart, will be taking place this Thursday afternoon.  We are asking for a $2 donation. 

Thank you

May 21
LMS - Grade 7 Immunization Clinic - May 22
To: Grade 7 students who will get immunizations tomorrow, May 22nd.

The immunization clinic for grade 7 students is scheduled for tomorrow for the students who have permission from their parents.  They will receive 2nd dose HPV vaccine.

Students are encouraged to have a good breakfast and wear a short sleeve shirt.

Thank You
Louise Manuel Public Health Nurse

May 14
LMS reminders
Good Afternoon Lewisville Families -

Some reminders about this week:
- Thursday, May 17th is an early dismissal day and all students will be dismissed at 12:15.  Please remember that busses may take up to 20 minutes to dismiss.
- There is no school, for students, on Friday, May 18th.
- There is no school on Monday, May 21st as it is Victoria day.

Thank you

April 27
LMS information & newsletter
Good Afternoon Lewisville Families -

A couple of announcements regarding staff changes:
Ms. Alison Jardine (alison.jardine@nbed.nb.ca) will be replacing Mr. Seeley for the remainder of the school year.
Mme Breanna Saulnier (breanna.saulnier@nbed.nb.ca)will be replacing Mme Moreault for the remainder of the year.
Mme Chloe Campbell (chloe.Campbell@nbed.nb.ca) has been replacing Mme Roy and will continue until further notice.

There is no school for students on Friday, May 4th.

Attached is the school newsletter for the month of May.

Have a great weekend.

April 15
Monday at Lewisville
Good Afternoon Lewisville Families -

The DQ cake vouchers will be sent home tomorrow and we will be having a bake sale tomorrow at recess. All items will be $1.

Thank you

April 11
LMS - reminders
Good Afternoon Lewisville Families -

A reminder that tomorrow is jersey day in support of the Humboldt Broncos.  No donation is necessary.

Parent-teacher interviews are taking place on Thursday from 5-7 and again on Friday from 12:30-2:30.

The new parent committee will be selling baked goods and used books during parent-teacher interviews.

There is no school, for students, on Friday.

Thank you

April 10
This week at LMS...
Good Afternoon Lewisville Families -

This week, parent-teacher interviews are taking place.  This will occur on Thursday, April 12th from 5-7 and again on Friday, April 13th from 12:30-2:30.  Interviews will be on a first come, first served basis in the gym.  Should these times not be convenient for your family, please contact your child's teacher.

On Thursday, April 12th, staff and students are invited to wear a jersey in support of the Humboldt Broncos.

There is no school, for students, on Friday, April 13th.

Thank you

April 05
LMS - DQ fundraiser
Good Afternoon LMS families -

A reminder that our DQ fundraiser ends tomorrow.  This has also been set up on school cash online.

Thank you

April 04
LMS - DQ Fundraiser
Good Afternoon Lewisville Families -

Do you have an upcoming family birthday or just need an easy dessert?  Lewisville Middle School together with Dairy Queen Restaurants is embarking on a fundraising endeavor. Beginning on Thursday, March 29th, we will be selling vouchers for a Dairy Queen ice cream cake at the cost of $20.00. The regular price of an 8” DQ cake is $26.99 so you are saving $6.99 when you purchase a voucher.  Vouchers do not expire and can be redeemed at all greater Moncton/Dieppe/Riverview/Salisbury and Shediac locations.  Five dollars from every cake sold will go to school funds to support a variety of student initiatives. This DQ cake fundraiser will run from Thursday, March 29th until Friday, April 6th.

Attached is an order form and this has also been set up via school cash online.

Thank you

April 03
Lewsiville Middle School - April Newsletter
Good Morning LMS Families -

Attached is the school newsletter for the month of April.

A reminder that the parent committee, the Fun Raisers, will be meeting tonight at 6pm.

Thank you

March 28
LMS - updates
Good Afternoon Lewisville Families -

Information is being sent home today, with your child, regarding a DQ ice-cream cake fundraiser.  This fundraiser will run until Friday, April 6th.

A reminder that there is no school on Friday, March 30th or Monday, April 2nd.

Thank you

March 25
LMS -STEM expo
Good Afternon LMS Families -

For those students involved in the district STEM expo, the event will take place tomorrow. This is rescheduled from Friday.

Thank you

March 21
LMS - Reminder
Good Afternoon Lewisville Families -

A reminder that there is no school, for students, tomorrow, Thursday, March 22nd.

Thank you

March 19
LMS - Upcoming events
Good Afternoon Lewisville Families -

Some information about upcoming events:
- There is no school, for students, on Thursday, March 22nd.
- The cafeteria will be serving a ham dinner on Wednesday, March 28th.  This is the only hot meal being served on that day and the cost is $6.75.
- Our grade 7 & 8 career fair that was scheduled for Monday, March 26th has been postponed.  Stay tuned for a new date.
- Yearbook orders have ended.  If you missed this deadline, you must order online, directly from the company.

Thank you

February 28
LMS updates & newsletter
Good Afternoon Lewisville Families -

A reminder that next week, there is no school as it is March break.

The school clothing order should arrive on the Monday following break.

Attached is the school newsletter for the month of March.

Thank you

February 16
Parent Fun Raising Committee News
Hello LMS Families,

Staff Appreciation Week-

Thank you to all parents and families who donated for Staff Appreciation Week. The money was spent spoiling the staff! Thanks again to all those who helped and participated. It was greatly appreciated!

Book Donation Box-

A donation box has been placed in the office for gently used books for all ages. We will be holding a book sale at the next parent teacher interviews in April.

Thank you.

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