“MathemaTHINKS” Competition

Anglophone East School District will be hosting a math competition for grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 math students again this year.
 It will be held on Saturday April Saturday April 28 at Lou MacNarin School from 8:30 am-12:30 noon.

What an exciting opportunity for our students to celebrate their love of math!

This year, the contest will have 4 components.

The first component will be a written test. There are few websites that your child might want to visit in order to help prepare for the competition.


The second component will be the Battle of the Math Fact with basic addition facts and basic multiplication facts. In order to prepare for this component of the competition, basic flash cards with addition and multiplication should be ok.

The third component will be a group coding competition with our Dash and Dot robots. The hour of code website also allows for students to practice their coding skills. The following link is a great place to start: http://code.org/learn

The fourth component will be a collaborative problem solving puzzle. Students in groups of two will be challenged with a puzzle to solve. May the fastest team win! For this section of the competition, students can get ready by playing with tangram puzzles.

To Register and pay fee, fill out the form below.

Registration fee is $25 and it includes a t-shirt and two pencils; one to write the test and the other to keep as a souvenir, a participation certificate, and medals for first, second and third place for each event.  All students must pre-register.  We will not take registrations on the day of the competition.

Registration will close on April 20.


Here is a tentative schedule of event for Saturday April 28  

8:15-8:50 -  Registration
8:50-9:00  - Introductions in the Gymnasium
9:00- 10:00 - Math Competition for Students in Cafeteria
10:00- 10:30- Battle of the Math Facts (Gymnasium)
10:30-11:20- Coding Competition
11:20- 11:50- Puzzle competition
11:50-12:20- Medal Presentations (Gymnasium)
12:20- Thank you for participating and Congratulations to all!

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