School Boundary

School Boundary:

Bounded on North by Route 15, North on Route 132 to and Including Malakoff Road, Marcelin and Melanson. West Boundary: East Main Traffice Circle; South along Petitcodiac River to Taylor Village, Including Amirault, Dover, Principale, Beaumount, South Bounary: Breau Creek Road, Anderson Mill, Gros Bouleau, Corner of Royal, Route 106, and Anderson Settlement, All areas South of Route 15 and East of Petitcodiac River; East Boundary: South on Route 2 to just past where it crosses Memramcook East, Woodhurst about 3.5 km past Breau Creek and Woodhurst corner, and where Aboujagane meets Route 933. (Everything West of Route 2)

Boundary Map 

lms-boundary_2010.pdfLou MacNarin Boundary