School Improvement Plan



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Our mouse represents everyone connected to our school community- students, staff, parents, and stakeholders.  We believe that everyone of us is capable of learning one more thing.  When we commit to learning one more thing and trying one more time, we become lifelong learners!  We have based our mission on Vygotsky's ideas about a Zone of Proximal Development and Stephen Krashen's theory of i +1. We want to identify where we are-- the i-- and then work on what comes next- the +1! If we continue to learn one more thing every day, we will be life long learners - the infinity sign. 


We will improve student learning by design. 



Professional Growth
Lou MacNarin School staff value our ongoing opportunities to learn by aiming for the highest standards of professionalism for the benefit of our school community. 
Learning Environment
We value and cherish a positive, safe, learning environment for all.
We value an environment that is inviting ad protective, where everyone – staff, students, parents, and community demonstrate respectful attitudes that promote orderly conduct and a positive learning environment.
Student Growth
We value the child’s individual ability, personal endeavors, and progress, both academically and behaviorally.
We value high expectations in an environment where student needs: academic, physical, social, and emotional are being met, thus encouraging success.
We value partnerships with parents and community members built on our shared involvement in the education process. 



100 % of students will be progress monitored and have their reading fluency measured with Aimsweb grade level assessments.

100 % oof students will be progress monitored and have their writing measured with report card criteria/rubrics.

Numeracy Goal

100% of students will be progress monitored in math operations using Math Screeners/Fluency booklets.






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