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Lou MacNarin School opened in 1995. When the school opened, it was a Kindergarten to Grade 8 School. In 2012, when the school was converted to a Kindergarten to Grade 5 School, middle school students moved to Lewisville.

As a school community, our goal is to create a learning environment that assists our students with developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve success in the 21st Century.  We have based our mission on Vygotsky's ideas about a Zone of Proximal Development and Stephen Krashen's theory of i +1. We want to identify where we are-- the i-- and then work on what comes next-- the +1.  We want to represent our mission in a way that every child in our school can understand.  So, we are incorporating the same strategies that we use for our children who have challenges with communication-- a visual representation of a complex idea which has become:

mission statement graphic.JPGThe musketeer has been a mascot for our school since its early days.  We wanted to honor the traditions of the school when we converted to an elementary school.  We kept the musketeer theme but wanted a character that was engaging for younger students.  This character was selected from student-submitted designs.  The musketeer embraces the concept of “All for One.”  Our community values working to help others-- locally and globally.  We are a bucket-filling school.  We are working to build resiliency in our children.  We are striving to identify where we are and to try one more thing, one more time, one more way, in an effort to solve one more problem or learn one more thing.  If we all embrace this philosophy, we will be lifelong learners (∞). 

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