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Annual School Performance Report 2014-2015

Mission Statement

Our mouse represents everyone connected to our school community- students, staff, parents, and stakeholders.  We believe that every one of us is capable of learning one more thing.  When we commit to learning one more thing and trying one more time, we become lifelong learners!  We have based our mission on Vygotsky's ideas about a Zone of Proximal Development and Stephen Krashen's theory of i +1. We want to identify where we are-- the i-- and then work on what comes next- the +1! If we continue to learn one more thing every day, we will be lifelong learners - the infinity sign.


We will improve student learning by design. 


Professional Growth:

Lou MacNarin School staff value our ongoing opportunities to learn by aiming for the highest standards of professionalism for the benefit of our school community. 
Learning Environment:
We value and cherish a positive, safe, learning environment for all. We value an environment that is inviting and protective, where everyone – staff, students, parents, and community demonstrate respectful attitudes that promote orderly conduct and a positive learning environment.
Student Growth:
We value the child’s individual ability, personal endeavors, and progress, both academically and behaviorally.
We value high expectations in an environment where student needs- academic, physical, social, and emotional are being met, thus encouraging success.
We value partnerships with parents and community members built on our shared involvement in the education process. 
Literacy Goals 1

100 % of students will be progress monitored and have their reading fluency measured with Aimsweb grade level assessments.

Literacy Goals 2

100 % of students will be progress monitored and have their writing measured with report card criteria/rubrics.

Principal's Summary
Literacy Summary

This year at Lou MacNarin School our School Improvement Planning focused on fluency and accuracy in reading.   We work very hard to identify where we are in our learning and plan to learn one more thing every day.  Our data collected by teachers tells us that we made significant gains in reading. Staff were diligent about planning learning opportunities for children to meet their goals and then stretched to meet the next learning objective. We worked to engage parents, guardians and stakeholders in helping us to support every child in their learning.  Our data clearly shows that every child made progress this year in literacy. By June, most of our children are either approaching or meeting grade level expectations based on our progress monitoring tools. Report card marks tell us that we still have children who need to continue working on their skills to meet expectations for their grade.   Children who are not meeting grade level expectations continue to engage in meaningful learning activities to support their efforts to work toward grade level expectations.  Students who are meeting grade level expectations are working on their next reading level and working on becoming better writers. 

Numeracy Goals 1

100% of students will be progress monitored in math operations using Math Screeners/Fluency booklets.

Numeracy Goals 2
Principal's Summary
Numeracy Summary

Mathematics is an important subject at Lou MacNarin School.  As a staff we are committed to working together to help children develop their skills in mathematics using progressions and mathematical strategies to develop fluency and accuracy in basic math facts. Children are engaging in mathematical thinking that is allowing children to tackle complex mathematical  problems as we move toward building 21st Century problem solving skills.  We provide our children with stretch learning activities.  Our screener data show that children are progressing nicely along a continuum.  By June, many of our children are meeting or exceeding grade level expectations as assessed by the math screeners.  Those children who are not yet meeting grade level expectations are provided with interventions that allow them to progress at a steady rate, learning something new and applying that learning to a new problem or situation.  We engage our partners to support our efforts to ensure that every child is making progress mathematically.  We engage in many mathematical activities including the District and Canadian math competitions.  Some of our children do very well in these competitions., often scoring well above the provincial and national norms.  We have rich conversations around our math tables, helping each other to learn efficient math strategies that will have longevity. 


Positive Learning, Work & Environment Plan (PLWEP)


Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports will support all children in developing and demonstrating prosocial behaviours during unstructured times.    

Principal's Summary
PLEP Summary

This year, our school community worked very hard to be bucket fillers.  We are working to develop our prosocial skills through a variety of learning opportunities. Children practice expected behaviors –  following our school protocols.  CHAMPS(Conversations, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation)  is a research based program that is used school wide.  When children struggle to meet school expectations, they are able to develop these skills in a variety of learning environments.  They may meet with guidance or administration, join a club, work and play in a more closely supervised learning environment, read social stories, role play how to be a good friend, help someone, have a playground partner, or take some time to reflect and make a plan to do better next time.  Children who have mastered these skills have the opportunity to be playground PALs, peer mentors, and leaders.  We want to provide timely support when needed and fade it as children develop the skills needed to navigate their social world. 

Areas of Focus Identified by School Review
Review Report

Our areas of focus were identified as:

· Building representative processes for decision-making, communication and fostering distributive leadership

·  Strengthening collaborative planning and inclusive support for all learners

Potential Direction for 2015-2016 based on this report

As we begin to plan for the fall, we will be looking at our current leadership structures.  Our hope is build in ways to ensure that communication between our teaching teams and leadership is transparent. We want to be sure that student learning is our focus.  We will review our data from 2014 - 2015 as a teaching/learning team.  We will share our celebrations and challenges to help us develop our School Improvement Plan for 2015 - 2016.  This planning will include the development of professional learning plans to support ongoing learning by the staff.  We have many master teachers at Lou MacNarin School.  We hope to be able to continue to develop our understanding of how students learn by sharing our research and experiences with each other.  This will help us to  learn more about Personal Learning Plans and what best practices will help us to ensure that all chidren are +1 learners.  We will focus our School Improvement Plan on improved  learning for all students and staff.  We will continue to collect data to inform our practices.  Teaching teams will continue to use this data to help us plan our interventions and learning activities.